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  • Seville today

    Before the OTC gets going, this meet will be interesting:
    200 – Crawford, JJJ, B Wms
    800 – Borz, Bungei, Kimutai
    1500 – solid field with Spaniards and Kenyans
    5000 – ditto
    Steeple – ditto
    400H, LaBronze Garrett! (he’s my new darkhorse to make the team)
    LJ – Lamela, Phillips
    SP – Hoffa, Martinez, Olsen, Robberts

    5K – lots
    100H – Felicien
    400H – B Taylor
    PV – Stacy!
    HT - loaded

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    Re: Seville today

    1500 – solid field with
    >Spaniards and Kenyans

    How can you not mention Webb?


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      Re: Seville today

      I thought webb was in the 800 in seville...

      tell him to visit san marco pizzeria afterwards...

      great restaurant in a cave atmosphere!!


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        Re: Seville today

        you ARE kidding, of course - you, as the one who keeps resurrecting Webb threads, should know.


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          Re: Seville today

          >I thought webb was in the 800 in seville...

          Last list I saw:

          Alan Webb, USA, 3.33.70
          Sergio Vallejo, ESP, 3.47.73
          Noah Ngeny, KEN, 3:28.12
          Ali Saidi Sief, ALG, 3:29.51
          Reyes Estevez, ESP, 3:30.57
          Benjamin Kipkurui, KEN, 3:30.67
          Robert Rono, KEN, 3:30.99
          Jose Redolat, ESP, 3:31.21
          Alex Kipchirchir, KEN, 3:31.42
          Isaac Songok, KEN, 3:31.54
          Antony Whiteman, GBR, 3:32.34
          Marko Koers, NED, 3:33.05
          Sammy Mutai, KEN, 3:33.44
          Roberto Parra, ESP, 3:35.02
          Alvaro Fernandez, ESP, 3:35.10
          Sergio Gallardo, ESP, 3:35.24
          Brian Berryhill, USA, 3:35.48
          Luis M. Martín Berlanas, ESP, 3:36.11
          Youcef Abdi, AUS, 3:36.35
          Pedro Esteso, ESP, 3:36.71
          Jose Cerezo, ESP, 3:37.67
          Fco. J. Alves, ESP, 3:37.79
          Tom Mayo, GBR, 3:38.18
          Juan Luis Barrios, MEX 3:39.28
          Bouza El Mastati, MAR 3:40.05
          Alejandro Suarez, MEX 3:40.58
          Miguel A. García Pérez, ESP, 3:41.03
          Daniel Wanbugu, KEN, 3:41.4
          Arturo Casado, ESP, 3:41.52
          Daniel Lahaba, ESP, 3:41.88
          Ignacio del Castillo, ESP, 3:42.30
          Emilio Martín, ESP, 3:43.21
          Sergio Silvero, ESP, 3:43.77
          Francisco España, ESP, 3:44.95
          Francisco J. Bachiller, ESP, 3:44.97
          Jesús Sepulcre, ESP, 3:46.41
          Anibal Llamazares, ESP, 3:46.65
          Juan D. Bote, ESP, 3:50.43
          Víctor Montaner, ESP, 3:53.45
          Luis A. Marco, ESP, 3:54.13
          Víctor Seco, ESP, 3:56.24
          Angel A. López, ESP
          Israel Ayuso, ESP


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            Re: Seville today

            I hope Webb sprints the first 100 to get clear of the field!


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              Re: Seville today

              >I hope Webb sprints the first 100 to get clear of the field!

              There is an A and a B race but they still will be crowded.


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                Re: Seville today

                5K – lots

                Looks enticing!!


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                  Re: Seville today

                  first result:
                  1 JAMES CARTER USA 48.90
                  2 GARRETT USA 48.93

                  good times for both for now.


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                    Re: Seville today

                    Watching it live on SportsMax right now, mens 400 won by a Tunisian in 45.21
                    T. Benjamin 2nd in 45.47
                    Leanord Byrd 46.17?
                    why don't people pronounce vowels anymore


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                      Re: Seville today

                      "Watching it live on SportsMax right now"

                      Just rub it in our faces, why don't you?


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                        Re: Seville today

                        It is on tv here in Sweden, too. I don:t have cable tv today, so I don:t know which is worse - knowing it is on, but being unable to get the channel; or knowing it is on and having no way to see it.


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                          Re: Seville today

                          Yeah, but a power cut just put the cable company out of commission, right as Ennis-London was leading off the last hurdle
                          [email protected]#$%^&*
                          why don't people pronounce vowels anymore


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                            Re: Seville today

                            Apparently Webb is a scratch; he was on the 1500 start list last night, but is not listed in either of the 1500s or the 800.


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                              Re: Seville today

                              she won in 12.68 :-)