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    I heard they did this at my school once, to save time they used to start two 200m heats at the same time either of the track, all starting off the same gun. madness


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      Originally posted by LSR
      More like genius. 8-)


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        Swallowed Shot Put!

        I was at a high school meet once and the shot put was contested on a very muddy field. One kid threw the shot and it just got swallowed up in the mud. The kids got some rake handles and kept poking every indentation they could see trying to find the shot but with no luck. The kid trowing the shot said it was a brass shot which are quite expensive, he thought he was in big trouble with his coach. The meet ended with the shot still unfound. I don't know if it was ever found. I thought someone should go back with a metal detector!


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          Originally posted by mcgato
          Turns out the "ooohh" was because the runner had come upon a puddle and he presumably didn't want to get his feet wet.
          I had something similar at an invitational meet while running DIII in the midwest back in the early 80s. A narrow part of the course had a puddle (ankle deep or deeper) about 15 yards long that covered almost the entire width of the trail. There was a narrow ledge on the left that one could carefully get past the puddle without getting wet. I came upon the puddle at the two mile mark in about 25th place and was amazed to see a line of people carefully walking on the narrow ledge so as not to get their feet wet. I ran right through the middle of the puddle and moved up about 10 or 15 places.
          The one problem with running through mud puddles is you never know how deep they are or how uneven the footing is.

          At Belmont Plateau in Philly there is a tunnel on the 5-mile course. It can be somewhat dark, and the low side can collect a lot of water at times. I saw a guy try to go through the water. He tripped, fell face first, tried to scramble to his feet, tripped again and fell again. I never saw him after that.

          I never was in a position to bother with that puddle/pool/river/lake, but I have on other courses. It was fun to see the reaction of the kids who were suddenly getting splashed when they thought they'd stay dry the whole race.


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            At an athletics meeting in rural Ireland in the mid-70s, staged on an uneven muddy field, the leader had just cleared 5'10" and was keen for a shot at 6'0" when it began to rain heavily. One official looked at the other and remarked "I'd say he was a good 2 inches over that, would you ?". His companion agreed, they marked 6'0" on the result sheet and bolted for cover. First prize (in the very early days of professionalism) was an inner-tube for one of the standard size black bicycles that virtually everyone owned at the time ...

            "Chosen ones" indeed!


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              We had twins one year for HS XC; they were not very good and not beyond doing things to help themselves. One race (home course) one of them hid in the ivy near half way (one mile of a two mile course in CA in the 60s); they switched at that point. Did not finish well but were DQ'ed for their actions.