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the best part of the World Relays: Junkanoo


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  • the best part of the World Relays: Junkanoo

    if you've never seen/heard a Junkanoo band, you gotta check this out.

    This isn't the band that was on the field at Nassau, playing during the meet, but it captures the flavor.

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    Re: the best part of the World Relays: Junkanoo

    Thanks for that, gh...very interesting.

    There's Jonkanoo in Jamaica too, but it's different from the Bahamas. In the Bahamas, Jonkanoo is more like Carnival in Trinidad, while in Jamaica, Jonkanoo is community-based, like this:

    But the roots are basically the same...the slaves used Jonkanoo to make fun of their owners in a not-particularly-obvious way:

    "Lines and processions of singing and dancing slaves were led by John Canoe himself, a slave festooned in the most elaborate of disguises, dancing and leading the procession hither and yon. He was a sort of Puck, making fun of bystanders (especially the whites) and generally clowning his way through the day." James Walvin, 'Black Ivory', p167
    My heart is still in the Caribbean....


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      Re: the best part of the World Relays: Junkanoo

      In Tobago (the other "T" of T & T), during Carnival many years back shortly after the demise of longtime President, Eric Williams, a Chinese Calypsonian did a rap-inspired riff on the changing tide of politics: Eric Williams, Amen! Eric Williams, Amen!. He left that up in the air subject to interpretation.

      Calysonianas have a long tradition of political satire--along with everything else:

      The infamlous Ben(t?)wood Dick, the Man from Santa Grandee (on the S. Coast of Trinidad):
      "Tell ya sistah to come down here, I got something here fo' she"

      Shades of Richard Pryor, with: I don't care, send yo' Mama down...(this after spending $30 on dinner--which pretty well dates it, eh?)


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        Just rewatching the World Relays. Does anyone by any chance know if they are planning to have it every year if its successful again next year?
        Bolt's last year...and my last year as a track fan, it's been fun