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  • Ostrava on Eurosport

    I am gloating a little that I got to see this live, BUT: Don't forget that the only coverage I get of the NBA is a one-hour capsule version of a game 2 days after it happened, with incompetent German commentary (unless I find somebody to let me watch pay cable in the middle of the night). And speaking of incompetent German commentary: The coverage is mostly good, but lots of glitches. Scacy's WR (?) was NOT live. They showed her first 2 attempts, when she ran through, and then had the cameras introducing Allen Johnson during the WR. (They of course showed it on tape right away.) There's lots of field event coverage--meaning cutting away from the 1500 (!) and showing very little of the early stages of the steeple (with its crazy strategies) and the 10,000. (E.g., the camera focussed on Cloete's preparation while she watched the entire steeple field go by.) And while Tonique Williams was slam-dunking the 400 field, the announcer was praising Donna Fraser's huge lead, giving bio details, etc. (Fraser finished last.)

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    Re: Ostrava on Eurosport

    TV4+ coverage last week was actually a feed-in from another broadcast company which had tv rights... a lot of Dutch interviews with no sound during the middle of the men:s 10k... I can:t complain, however, when watching EU meets on tv -- always great racing and spectacular field events. Missed the meet tonight, however!