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  • Beijing 2015 Tix

    OK, maybe this is a bit early, but some previous worlds tickets went on sale a year in advance. The folks in Beijing don't even have a website set up yet. Moscow's site was up well over a year in advance (not a very good site, but they at least responded to queries).
    Daegu was excellent as was Berlin. The IAAF should demand some sort of social media requirements as part of winning bids. How much trouble would it be for Beijing to put up a simple site with approximate ticket sales info? Seems that the early revenue would be a plus for any organization selling tickets.

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    You're laboring under the misconception that foreign ticket sales are an important part of the equation to anybody hosting a World Champs.


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      Originally posted by gh View Post
      You're laboring under the misconception that foreign ticket sales are an important part of the equation to anybody hosting a World Champs.

      I can't pretend to understand the Chinese mind, but most promoters want to sell as many tickets in advance as early as they can. The Russians didn't seem to grasp that concept, the Koreans and Germans did. And, as you mention, I guess the IAAF doesn't really care how the meets are promoted as long as their guarantees are met.
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        Spoke with a friend in Japan today. He speaks Chinese and called a committee member in Beijing. When he asked when tickets might go on sale he was told "maybe December".


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          They set up a website, finally


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            That's a start. Of course, they've left out the all-important question of when are tickets going on sale?


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