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Step aside Wii, Kinect, Move, etc; Make way for the real deal: Open Camp!!


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  • Step aside Wii, Kinect, Move, etc; Make way for the real deal: Open Camp!!

    Cant wait for this to be completed. I have absolutely NO clue how they're going to achieve this but if they have pumped over 20 Million Euros into this. Here is an excerpt from the article:

    Fitness isn't usually a requirement for theme parks -- standing in lines, climbing into rides and screaming in abject terror require only basic levels of stamina.
    Not so at the world's first-ever sports amusement park planned for the Olympic Stadium and other Olympic venues in Barcelona, which promises to give visitors the chance to experience what it's like to race against Usain Bolt.
    Open Camp will offer more than 50 "virtual experiences with links to every sport" when it opens in 2015, according to officials in the Spanish city.
    What do you guys think? sounds like a new area of sports/fitness tourism that has not been explored as much as they anticipate they will do. Certainly will be worth taking a vacation trip to experience what I would imagine will be like a real-life video game!!

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    In college (ROTC) I did the SEAL team beach obstacle course with SEALs. I had to sit for about 30 minutes afterward (and I was in great track shape at the time!). That's all the real-life video game I need for my life-time!