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Oly TV coverage in Canada?


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  • Oly TV coverage in Canada?

    First, not all can go to Athens with T&FN tours,but that is obviously the best option.
    I've heard fo awhile of people in or near Canada getting superior Olympic coverage and that fans have gone up there to catch it.
    Does anyone one have info on this-true? If so,the amount and type of coverage (non-finals?,whole distance races?)? Is it live? Has any entrepeneur put together a package?

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    Re: Oly TV coverage in Canada?

    CBC does the Olympics in Canada.

    Note from

    "Please note: broadcast schedule coming soon."

    In the past, CBC has several hours a day of live coverage with most being repeated (not repackaged/re-edited) during prime-time. If there is no significant time difference (ala Atlanta), then prime-time is live.


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      Re: Oly TV coverage in Canada?

      As a Canadian who gets US coverage as well I would have to say Cdn coverage is better. We seem to get alot more of the early rouns and races withoutan American or Canadian in them!!!! Can you believe it!

      Still the coverage leaves much to be desired...God what I'd give to see more than the winning throw or jump in a compeition...


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        It's 7 hrs.earlier from Athens on the East Coast, 10 hrs on

        the West Coast,right? Would the CBC show live
        12 noon events at 5am East, 2am West Coast?
        Thanks for info-sounds like a good way to get more Oly coverage combined with a nice Am/Can border vacation


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          Re: It's 7 hrs.earlier from Athens on the East Coast, 10 hrs

          The Canadian english coverage is good but the french is even better. The french coverage has literally every round. Basically it's the sattelite feed with voice overs from the studio. The don't have the production budget of the english CBC so they don't carry as many interviews and background features.


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            Re: Oly TV coverage in Canada?

            I live in Canada and have to say that
            the CBC Canadian coverage is better only
            because they do show more "raw" coverage
            meaning early rounds that most stations
            usually ignore and lots of LIVE coverage
            no matter how important the event is. They
            also follow individual athletes who are
            not necessarily Canadian by giving them
            lots of coverage for the ake of enjoying
            the sport. They also have Jeff Gowan, a really
            old announcer who is VERY knowledgeable
            about Track who makes it very enjoyable by
            offering insights that many announcers from
            anywhere do not really consider.

            I go back and watch my '88 and '96 olympic
            vhs tapes - stuff I recorded - and am surprised
            at how much coverage I have of early rounds of
            swimming and almost all rounds of track, 100m, 200m, 400m up to the 10,000m !! I also have alot of American coverage via NBC on those tapes...

   the real advantage of watching it here
            is that you have the best of both worlds and
            if you undertstand french as I do you are
            watching virtually 24hours of Olympics.

            I heard that alot of people in the US near the
            border actually get CBS ... maybe you don't have to cross, just get close.