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    Originally posted by spammer View Post
    Their policy applies if the athlete has been hit with a 2 year ban. I think for the Americans, Mike Rogers can compete, Gatlin and Gay can't if it is a non-DL race.
    But Gay only had a 1 year ban so he could compete. No?


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      Originally posted by beebee View Post
      Or the lady ducking with them.
      Hurdlers as well. They compete a lot and they compete against each other.


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        He could, but probably the didn't invite him because they (and Bolt himself) don't absolutely want Bolt to lose.


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          Originally posted by JumboElliott View Post
          Hurdlers as well. They compete a lot and they compete against each other.
          Seems that everyone except the top male sprinters compete each other fairly often.


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            Originally posted by tamabi
            Or maybe they didn't invite Gay because his ban would have been 2-years in any country that was not the US, and many people out of America (including, it seems, Z's organizing committee) thus find his 1-year, retroactive ban pretty distasteful?

            I don't know about that "Bolt doesn't want to run against other strong athletes" rumor. It's been started on some forums and has now value of truth, but it's still only speculations.
            That would be unfounded tmz speculation.

            Total b.s.


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              Bolt said himself a couple years ago that it is his and Glen Mills' strategy to keep everybody guessing and that is why they avoid competitions against other top sprinters. They feel it creates more suspense for fans heading into the championships meets. He also implied that he didn't always want to play all his cards to the other sprinters. Had Blake's time at the top 3 not derailed, you would have never seen Blake and Bolt run against each other in the diamond league because the Mills camp felt it ruins the suspense for fans come the Championship meets. They have a point. If Bolt were to go 3-0 against Gay in the diamond league before Beijing next year, the World Championships would probably be less interesting.
              Bolt's last year...and my last year as a track fan, it's been fun


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                Interesting how this Zurich entry list thread has evolved into a dual-Usain Bolt/Gatlin & Gay drug ban thread!


                Back to Zurich start lists, did I mention how happy I was to see both Cain AND Martinez among the rather large American group to be contesting the 1500??

                Cain was sort of expected, as she and Al had said she'd be in Zurich.
                But Martinez was a surprise.
                I thought she was done with track races this year.

                Hope both of them get under 4:00 (as well as Rowbury and Simpson!).

                And I hope Simpson gets Mary's (You know which one!) AR!!

                Okay, you can return now to Bolt, Gay and Gatlin!!
                Have fun!

                ADD: Oops!! Just checked again, and saw Martinez is in the Stockholm 1500, not Zurich!
                So I hope she gets HER sub-4:00 there!!
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                  Men's 100m - Bolt, Dasaolu and Gemeli

                  Women's 100m - Felix, Bowie, VCB, SAFP, Okagbare, Schippers, Ahoure, Ahye - wow!

                  Men's 200m - Gay, Ashmeade, Dwyer, Edward, Lemaitre

                  Hmmm...the men's 400m has Lashawn Merritt, but no Kirani James. Dodging?

                  At this point in time, I prefer not to see Gay running against Bolt either....
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                  My heart is still in the Caribbean....


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                    Originally posted by shivfan View Post
                    Hmmm...the men's 400m has Lashawn Merritt, but no Kirani James. Dodging?
                    Just like men's 400m in Birmingham has Kirani James, but no Lashawn Merritt.


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                      I'm also interested to see how Compaoré, fresh off his European gold, will do against Claye in the triple jump.


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                        W 1500 Aregawi, Belete, Cain, Hassan, Jamal, Kibiwot, Obiri, Rowbury, Seyaum,
                        Simpson, Sum, Weightman
                        Sum has the 800 clinched. Presumably, Dibaba will run the 3000 in Brussels, which counts for the 5000 standings (as will the Birmingham 2 mile0.

                        M 400 Brown, Hudson-Smith, Makwala, Masrahi, Merritt, Rooney, Santos, Van Niekerk
                        Merritt has the diamond sewn up, so less incentive for James to compete in the final.

                        W 100 Ahoure, Ahye, Bowie, Campbell-Brown, Felix, Fraser-Pryce, Okagbare, Schippers
                        M 800 Aman, Amos, Bosse, Cheruiyot, Kiprop, Kitum, Kszczot, Lewandowski, Olivier
                        Rudisha, Solomon (Tangui rabbit)
                        W 100H Billaud(?), Harper-Nelson, Harrison, Pearson, Porter, Rollins
                        M 5000 Alamirew, Choge, Edris, Gebrhiwet, Jeilan, Kipsiro, Koech, Lalang,
                        Longosiwa, Ndiku, Rop, Rupp, Soi, Tanui, True

                        non-DL M 100 Bolt, Dasaolu, Gemili, Martina, Saidy Ndure
                        W LJ Bartoletta, Klishina, Lesueur, Reese, Spanovic
                        W DT Lewis-Smallwood, Perkovic, Robert-Michon, Samuels, Sendriute
                        M SP Cantwell, Hoffa, Kovacs, Majewski, Richards, Storl
                        W PV Bengtsson, Boyd, Murer, Rysih, Silva, Stefanidi, Suhr, Svobodova
                        M TJ Adams, Claye, Compaore, Mokoena, Oprea, Rapinier, Taylor
                        M 400H Cato, Culson, Fredericks, Gordon, Hussein, Magi, Sanchez, Tinsley
                        W SC Assefa, Ayalew, Chemos, Chepkurui, Coburn, Garcia, Getnet, Kirui
                        W HJ Beitia, Jungfleisch, Kasprzycka, Kuchina, Licwinko, Radzivil, Simic, Vlasic
                        M JT Abdelrahman, Pitkamaki, Rohler, Ruuskanen, Tarabin, Vesely, Walcott, Yego
                        M 200 Ashmeade, Gay, Dwyer, Edward, Lemaitre, C Mitchell

                        I believe that, in addition to Merritt, Alamirew, Birech, P Martinot-Lagarde, Lavillenie, Williams-Mills, Sum, Spencer, Ibarguen, Adams and Perkovic have clinched the titles, subject to competing in Zurich or Brussels, whichever meet has their event.
                        Alan Shank
                        Woodland, CA


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                          Tori Bowie is injured again. She might not make it to this one.

                          That being said, looks like Evelyn's 30-year-old MR of 10.76 (one of the oldest still in the GP/DL books) will stand.


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                            Bolt has dropped out and has been replaced by Tyson Gay


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                              Not to parse it too finely, but note that the start lists are not yet available; what remains posted are the preliminary entry lists. Actual start lists (with lanes) probably won't be published until about 24 hours out.


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                                Fraser-Pryce and Ahye have pulled out and Bowie probably soon to follow...
                                Gay has taken Bolt's spot in the 100m but also showing in the 200 entry lists.