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One Year to the Worlds!


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    Interesting look at timetable. Seems 4x4 coming back to be the last event, me like it.


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      By the way, what's the latest on Liu Xiang? Is he going to be fit for next year?


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        From what I've found (but my chinese isn't that good so I may have been mistaken), he's been training to try and come back in the Asian Games this september (but the official delegations haven't been released yet), the ultimate goal being, of course, the Worlds in Beijing next year. Most medias (quoting him and his coach) I've visited were cautiously optimistic he'd be fit by then.

        Also, he's "host" at the Youth Olympics in Nanjing.


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          last thing we posted to front page about Liu's prospects was back in May


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            Originally posted by ATK View Post
            Out of curiosity, aside from MJ and Flo Jo, who are other athletes who have retired while still on top?
            Marita Koch. In 86 she ran 48.22 in the pouring rain at the Euros in Stuttgart, the fifth best time ever, and easily faster than her two 48.16's and Kratochvilova's 47.99 due to the fact that it was run in a downpour. She had a 1.45 margin over Bryzgina in 2nd place. She then retired the following winter. She had had achilles problems but was able to manage them in 85 and 86, but said it wa snow too much. She also wanted to start a family. She turned 30 in the February of 87.

            Flo Jo's retirement was a conspiracy theorists dream.
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              Robert Korzeniowski retired after winning gold in Athens 2004.

              This sort of thing used to be a lot more common in the old days. Nowadays most top athletes will keep on competing as long as they can make a good living out of it.
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