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Robison DNS @ NCAAs


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  • Robison DNS @ NCAAs

    Looks like it was more than "running safely" at regionals:

    Heat 1
    1 Rob Myers SR Ohio State 3:46.58Q
    2 Scott McGowan SR Montana 3:46.71Q
    3 Donald Sage JR Stanford 3:46.84Q
    4 Brendon Mahoney SR Georgia Tech 3:47.02Q
    5 Adam Davis SR Rice 3:47.31q
    6 Bryan Lindsay JR Brigham Young 3:47.37q
    7 Tom Lancashire FR Florida State 3:47.39q
    8 Martin Robeck SR Minnesota 3:48.81
    9 Goran Nava SR Radford 3:48.85
    10 Sam Vazquez FR Arkansas 3:52.86
    11 Kurt Benninger FR Notre Dame 3:55.13
    12 Sean Jefferson SO Indiana 3:57.48
    -- Grant Robison SR Stanford DNS
    Heat 2
    1 Chris Mulvaney SR Arkansas 3:46.39Q
    2 Said Ahmed JR Arkansas 3:46.64Q
    3 Nathan Robison JR Brigham Young 3:46.81Q
    4 Josh Spiker JR Wisconsin 3:46.82Q
    5 Tom Parlapiano SR Villanova 3:47.06q
    6 Jon Rankin JR UCLA 3:47.75
    7 Jonas Hamm SR Texas 3:47.83
    8 Chris Lukezic SO Georgetown 3:47.91
    9 Ben Aragon JR UCLA 3:48.10
    10 Simon Ngata JR Georgia 3:48.83
    11 Hunter Spencer SR Kentucky 3:49.27
    12 Sean Duffy JR American 3:49.54
    13 Kevin Somok SR Notre Dame 3:50.94
    14 Christian Smith SO Kansas State 3:52.78

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    Re: Robison DNS @ NCAAs

    and of course I picked him to win!


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      Re: Robison DNS @ NCAAs

      Well, if Robison is done it is now up to Webb to carry US 1500 meter running. Come to think of it with the exception of Webb, US 1500 meter running has had an awful year.
      Imagine if the US did not have Webb this year the best US 1500-meter time would be Lunn's 3:38.50!!!!

      Could Robison be another talented US 3:35 1500-meter runner that fades away like Jennings?

      It seems like all the bad luck that inflicted Webb in the last few years has passed on to other US milers.


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        Re: Robison DNS @ NCAAs

        Okay, I've been reading a lot of talk the last couple years or so about Webb having "faded away" and now he's "back." Did no one ever stop and think about how he is only 21 yrs old NOW? Not to mention the fact that he was almost certainly training to peak this year, an Olympic year? I just don't understand why people were so quick to say how Webb went from a 3:53 high school miler to a nobody. They only gave him 1 year to show his stuff! Similarly with Jennings. He hasn't faded out. He was burnt out, but now he's back. I'm surprised that y'all don't say the same sorts of things about the dozens of non-distance athletes that have "bad years" in non-championship years. Look at Mo Greene or Jeff Hartwig. No one is calling them washed up, or at least not the degree that happened to Alan Webb... Just my two cents


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          Re: Robison DNS @ NCAAs

          I beg to differ (not that I want to start ANOTHER 1000 entries on Webb). Webb was LOUSY and/or injured throughout all of 2002 and most of 2003. He didn't just have a couple bad races or a couple bad months--to all but the blissfully faithful, he seemed SHOT. Re: Gabe...we'll see if he's "back" or not...the jury's still out on that one.


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            Re: Robison DNS @ NCAAs

            It all goes back to the fact that internet track sites like dyestat, letsrun, and even the iaaf and this one, are dominated by distance runners/joggers/recreational types. They demand that the USA have someone to show for us. There's like 3 pole vaulters here, and they are generally upbeat people. There's something about about slogging out the mileage that depresses people and makes them gripe a lot.

            (I'm only one-quarter kidding!)


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              Re: Robison DNS @ NCAAs

              >It all goes back to the fact that internet track sites like ... the iaaf ... are dominated by distance
              >runners/joggers/recreational types.

              Please tell me that this is the part where you're kidding...??


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                Re: Robison DNS @ NCAAs

                Obviously, Robison injury is worse than we were lead to believe. I feel sorry for Robison. He trained hard to become an A standard runner. Now an injury wipes out his dreams.
                Just 10 months ago Robison was being called America's next great miler.

                With Robison out there is a chance that there will be no Stanford distance runners on the US Olympic team.

                I still can't believe Alan Webb is the fastest 1500 meter runner in the world so far this year.
                Is Webb's improvement over the last year the fastest ever in the history of US distance running?


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                  Re: Robison DNS @ NCAAs

                  Why else do Webb and Gabe command so much discussion? There are 19 other (sorry, MJR) Olympic disciplines and we get wound around the axle every time a middle-to-long distance subject comes up!

                  Try the Hammer Throw and see what you get.


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                    Re: Robison DNS @ NCAAs

                    Whatever happened to the "runner's high"?

                    I thought all runners were sunny and bright!


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                      Re: Robison DNS @ NCAAs


                      You are very much on the right track (pun intended) with regard to your comments about distance runners. It has been my experience that many distance runners love pounding their bodies into the ground and tend to have a greater tendency towards depression. Of course, I'm going to be assailed now and vilified for expressing such observations, but I'm a big boy and will live with it. I repeat that these are only my observations and they are certainly not indicative of the whole of distance runners or any particular team/group, but they are my observations of the whole lot.

                      Well, I now stand back and wait for the assault


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                        Re: Robison DNS @ NCAAs

                        You realize, of course, that Robison (who said after the race it was still plantar fasciitis acting up) has the A and after Webb wins in Sacto in slow time, Robison just needs to be training through for Athens!


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                          Re: Robison DNS @ NCAAs


                          Like there's a serious question as to whether or not AW is going to go?


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                            Re: Robison DNS @ NCAAs

                            that should actually be a DNF for Robison

                            he stopped at 1300m


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                              Re: Robison DNS @ NCAAs


                              Remember, Robison will be on the OG team if (a) he competes at the OT and (b) no more than 2 people ahead of him at the OT achieve the A-standard. Both events look highly likely at this point.