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World Master's Record for Deena Kastor--1:09:35


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  • World Master's Record for Deena Kastor--1:09:35

    Deena Kastor broke the WORLD record for Masters Women in the Philadelphia Rock and Roll Half-Marathon this morning.
    Her time was 1:09:35.
    She finished 3rd overall.

    Laura Thweatt ran her first half ever in 1:11.02
    And Kara Goucher ran her "comeback" half in 1:11:40.

    Weather was said to be high humidity, so times were great, considering!
    Also, Deena said she suffered a side stitch about halfway through.

    Not a bad day for American women's distance running!

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    Deena has made a remarkable comeback...that was a great race for her...her best in years. Hopefully Kara Goucher will continue to keep healthy and return to top form.


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      Yes, I was reading all of Kara's tweets and her story but then belatedly saw the official results with Kastor's performance. Wow! She hit 32 and change at the 10K and then 52-something for 10 miles.

      With super-humans like Kastor, Bernard Lagat, and Jo Pavey, who needs these young whippersnappers?!!


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        Going by the T&FN list, Kastor's 69:35 is 11th best U.S. all-time. She also has the #1 (67:34 in 2006 and #2 (67:53 in 2005).


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          Well, there is that 66 (or better?) from Kara Goucher on the pretty modestly downhill UK course, taking out any assistance for the downhill still makes that by far the best US mark.


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            I don't know how one would make such adjustments. A half-hearted internet search on my part doesn't yield much explanation of how the point-to-point GNR rates as a record-quality course so far as net elevation drop and proximity of start/finish lines, but it doesn't look like any marks from that race are on the T&FN or IAAF all-time lists. So, officially at least, it's Kastor at #1, #2, #11. But yeah, even if you add two minutes (even if it's an aided course that seems like a lot) to Goucher's time it's still superior.