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new 11th graders who might turn pro next summer


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  • new 11th graders who might turn pro next summer

    After Cain and Efraimson, who might be next to turn pro before their senior year of high school?
    (Or at least go pro instead of running for a college! OR....those now in college who might turn pro before their junior year of college!)

    Been thinking about this, and I've come up with 3 HSers, and 1 Collegian as potential early pros!

    Kaylin Whitney
    Stephanie Jenks
    Noah Lyles

    Ed Cheserek

    Whitney's now an 11th grader, and if she improves to, say, 10.95 and 22.10 or so, I could see her turning pro next summer (after the NBN).

    Same with Lyles.
    He set the Soph class 200 record with 20.71 this year.
    If he gets down to, say 10.10 and 20.20 or so, he might decide to go pro.

    Jenks doesn't (yet) have spectacular marks---in the area of Cain and Efraimson---but she has a VERY strong desire to succeed & improve.
    Also, she's a tri-athlete as well as a runner.
    I believe she already trains apart from her HS team.
    If she sees college track as holding her back, with her desire, I think she'll decide to turn pro.
    Of course, it would help push her there if she runs, say 4:12, 9:00, and 15:45!

    As for Cheserek, he's already too good for the college ranks.
    I'm a bit surprised he hasn't gone pro already.
    If he has a really great season (13:00, 27:10 or so), I could see him going pro after the NCAA's next June.

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    If EC were a US citizen it would be a bit easier, but he is lost in a sea of Kenyan athletes, a number of whom are younger than he is (is he 20 yet/already?)


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      Not quite certain of this....yet!.....but I'm thinking to add Elise Cranny to my list of young collegians who might turn pro before their junior year.
      As you all know, she cleaned everyone's clocks in the big Washington meet yesterday. (See front page article!)
      I'm predicting she'll either win the NCAA race....or be top 3!
      And look at 2014's 1500 list.
      Her 4:10.95 would've been number ONE!!
      And I just watched an interview with Jason Hartmann (post-Pre race) where he said he thought she was ready for a 4:05 or 4:06 that day!!
      (She had a bad race!!)

      So if she reaches 4:05 in 2015, she could win the NCAA there also!
      How long before she gets bored always winning against little or no real competition.....and starts thinking she should turn pro?


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        Cheserek's dob is listed as 2 Feb 1994 (Tilastopaja), so 21 in 4 months.

        Some of aaronk's suggestions here probably will go pro, & forego collegiate & perhaps HS eligibility. I would guess 26mi235 is right about Cheserek, on this question.

        More generally on this question: I am probably forgetting some names, but it seems like most of these "early pro" opportunities go to females, right? I do recall an Alan Webb, but generally, it seems like companies see more marketing opportunities with young female athletes. (I am not complaining -- just trying to figure out if I am getting this info correct: Felix, Wilson, Cain, Efraimson -- others?)
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          Master Po---it's true what you say about females going pro more than the guys.
          But in the past 2-3 years, the girls in HS have been pretty much dominant over the boys....especially in such "marquee" events as the sprints and the 1500/mile.

          On the boys side, you have Trentavis Friday, Trayvon Bromell, Devon Allen (the 110H is a "sprint"!), and I wouldn't be surprised to see Bromell and Friday go pro.
          Allen's future is a bit undecided between track and football. (He might go to the NFL before he'd go to pro track!!)

          On the girls side, Cain, Efraimson (and Cranny) are all considered mile specialists---thus "marquee" athletes.
          Ditto with Whitney.

          Great athletes like Raven Saunders, Desiree Freier, and Keturah Orji aren't in "marquee" events, so less likely to turn pro early.


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            Girls it maturity (and sometimes lifetime bests) at earlier ages than boys.

            Cheserek is not that much younger than Hasay.