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  • polevault

    I just thought I'd try and start a thread about the vault. What do people think about the youth movement in the vault? I mean we have like 6 19 footers who are still competitive that I can think of off the top of my head. Who else can say something like that, not to mention the 570 guys. Here's my opinion of the top 5 men and who'll be at Athens and why:
    1. Mr. Stevenson-has yet to be afraid of a height and hasn't lost in a while. Besides, he just Gripped it and Ripped it!
    2. This one is a bit tougher, but I'm going to say that Mr. Hartwig goes here because of his personal best, plus he's cooler than the others.
    3. Brad Walker. He's been quite consistent as of late and is definitely capable of big things.

    4. Tommy Skipper. I know, he's only gone 5.75, but he's not even 20 yrs old yet! He's jumped his age ever since he was like 12. Again, I don't think he is shakable. I was surprised by his height at Indoor nat's, losing to Walker, then I saw the strategy. One of the best vaulters I have ever seen in terms of speed. He can work a lot on his technique, so much room for improvement, the kid scares me. He WILL jumped 6.00 in college and he WILL break Bubka's record. I see no reason why not.

    5. this is a tie between about 5 other guys including Hysong, Jeremy Scott, Eric Eschbach, LoJo, and the up and comers. Okay, more than five.

    Now, as far as Athens is concerned, that's a lot tougher. I definitely see Stevenson there, probably winning, unless he does something weird like at world's last year. Also, Hartwig, though he's always questionable mentally. He didn't go to Sydney, though he was leading world. Hysong is in the picture, as is Tommy Skipper and Eric Eschbach, assuming he comes together and pulls through on the promise he showed as the former NFHSA record holder. He finally seems to be doing good things. I've always been kinda disappointed with him because in high school he jumped 18-2.25 gripping 15-1 ona 15-7 and I always thought that if he moved to a 5.00 pole, he would easily be blasting low 19s. But, for whatever reason, that didn't work out. Hopefully he'll be able to focus on vaulting now. At any rate, I was just wondering what people think about the vault and what the Americans have to offer, as we are THE power for the men, even moreso than the Russian women right now, imho.