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  • Bislett - TV Recap Now On-Line

    Check here today around 13.10 PST / 16.10 EST for a tv update on the night:s events.

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    Re: Bislett - TV Results

    :-) we're on DST now.


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      Re: Bislett - TV Results

      Weather: Currently (18.45) +12C with clouds and rain.


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        Re: Bislett - TV Results

        >Weather: Currently (18.45) +12C with clouds and rain.>>>

        For my American friends that's pretty chilly...54F


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          Re: Bislett - TV Results

          >>Weather: Currently (18.45) +12C with clouds and rain.>>>

          For my American
          >friends that's pretty chilly...54F

          Thank you, I was trying to figure out the formula. (C * 1.8) + 32 = F


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            WR WR WR- w5000

            1 ABEYLEGESSE, Elvan TUR WR 14:24.68
            2 DIBABA, Tirunesh ETH WJR,PB 14:30.88
            3 DIBABA, Ejegayehu ETH PB 14:32.74


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              Re: WR WR WR- w5000



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                Re: WR WR WR- w5000



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                  Re: WR WR WR- w5000

                  54F, just like the weather here in philadelphia...

                  94 degrees two days ago now 54...when the wind is from the NE, cool ocean weather...

                  edwards won the 100 in 11.21


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                    Re: WR WR WR- w5000

                    AR for Breaux Greer on his third throw

                    1 GREER, Breaux USA 82,44 85,66 87,39



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                      Re: WR WR WR- w5000

                      I'm pretty surprised that Gaines was allowed to run. Sven Arne said he didn't want Marion and Tim but he allowed someone who has "received a letter" to compete? Seems odd.


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                        Re: WR WR WR- w5000

                        The softest women's WR is now a bit less soft...


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                          Re: WR WR WR- w5000

                          AR for Greer!



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                            Re: WR WR WR- w5000

                            >I'm pretty surprised that Gaines was allowed to run. Sven Arne said he didn't
                            >want Marion and Tim but he allowed someone who has "received a letter" to
                            >compete? Seems odd.

                            according to this transcript.. the marion/tim comment was about money and not balco... true or not, who knows:



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                              Wrigley field type of atmosphere: a lot of fans on top of their houses and apartments watching the meet. 97th day it has rained in Bergen in 2004, however no rain during tv competition.

                              100m hurdles
                              Gail Devers out and takes control from 1st hurdle....Perdetia Felecien takes lead at 70m…Devers takes back lead at 90m and wins in12,57; Felicien 12,66; Jamaican Ennis-London takes 3rd. Jenny Kallur – Felicien:s old teammate – PRs in 12,97…now two sisters under 13,00 in the 100m hurdles; Kallur also becomes #3 Swede all-time under 13,00 (behind Engqvist 12,47 and Susanna Kallurs 12,74).

                              Discus - Men
                              Alekna LTU 69,21WL in discus (red uniform – strong upper body and smooth in the rink).

                              Womens 5000m
                              5 meter lead for rabbit after first 200m (31,8). Commercial break after 400m!!!! #96 Turkish woman (Abeylegesse) has daylight behind her at 4000m. 13.17 with lap remaining – 13.51 at 4,800m – crowd on its feet – she digs down deep and hits 4,900m in 14.11... 15-second last 100m for a 14.24,68 WR!!! – 67 second last lap. 14.30 for Dibaba – just over previous WR. Victory lap generates cheers from entire crowd. No cheering or congratulations from her previous Ethiopian teammates on the stand afterward.

                              Triple - Men
                              Gregorio – 1st jump: tall (2,02m) much of board left at take-off – 17,14 (-0,5). 6th jump on tv: few stutter steps prior to start of actual run-up…misses most of board on jump but gets one great leap – 17,31.

                              Olsson – 1st jump flat (just about same board length left at take-off) – didn:t get extended well on this jump: 16,84 (-0,2). 2nd jump = faster and controlled down the runway and had a better last hop with still half of board left 17,53 (-0,4). 3rd jump did not meet the board whatsoever (!) 17,58 (-0,9) – imagine with perfect technical details what he could have done on this jump! 4th jump: crowd into it. Got most of board, but did not get much out of his second hop 17,35 (-0,5). 5th jump: No increase. ¾ of board left. Lands almost right on 17,00m mark. Looks like he will win his 25th straight now that Gregorio has passed – unless Gregorio can outmatch Olsson with one jump after his first four. Olsson: 17,06 (-0,5). 6th jump: gets ¾ of board, sneaks peek at marker, and ends his competition with a 17,33 final effort. 17,58 wins comp.

                              Six athletes over 17,00m tonight.

                              400m – Men –
                              Tim Benjamin Britain out fast at 200m – 45,58. Rest of field except Benjamin and a long-haired guy in either lane 6 or lane 7 died on the homestretch.

                              100m – Women
                              TV focused primarily on Edwards prior to start. Edwards out, controls and eases to an 11,19 victory over USA:s Collander. No comp from Gaines or Miller. No talk about drugs, banned athletes, or uninvited athletes.

                              Javelin – Men
                              Breaux Greer (sporting an old David Beckham hairstyle) 87,39 on 3rd attempt – already had 1cm lead before throw. New American Record ahead of the SBs for 2nd and 3rd.

                              5,000m – Men
                              Younger Bekele in race – gets good tv press prior to start. Martin Keino a rabbit. Looks like a jog through 29,8 200m. 1.31,8 at 600m prior to commercial break. TV back with 5,75 laps left. TV laps: 63,30-63,00-63,40-65,00-59,9-64,8 first six laps. 2 laps remaining: 12 still in race. Marius Bakken has crowd going wild – has lead with Geb behind… entering homestretch Mottram now enters into the picture. 5 in race at 4,800m. Geb outside lane – 35-year-old Kibowen with 50m – will win in 13,01,94. Bekele: 11th in 13.12,49. Mottram 5th. 13,08,72 Bakken – new Nordic Record!!!

                              High Jump - Women
                              Babakova out at 1,96. Waller misses at 1,96…first miss. Cloete 1,98 clearance with slight brush. Waller: 2nd attempt nicked bar with back end. #153 Blanca Vlasic – 1,98 miss with left calf; 3rd attempt 2,00m – over, but fouls when left calf knocks off bar. Cloete misses with back end on 1st attempt 2,00m attempt; 2nd attempt: Cloete fast on runway, way over bar, but knocks off bar with the bottom of her shoe spike on way down. Waller finishes 2nd and Vlasic 3rd both at 1,96. Vlasic appeared strongest with both good form and good take-offs. Cloete seemed to have less arm muscle mass than last year.

                              400m Hurdles Men
                              Sanchez lane 3. 2nd hurdle has lead. Looks easy in traffic at 250m. Rawlinson trying to hang on – crashes into 10th and final hurdle…Sanchez “jogs” home in 48,55. Jamaican takes 2nd.

                              200m – Men
                              Shawn Crawford gestures for TV during pre-race antics. Gatlin concentrated. TV picking Crawford to start best and possibly win – especially after last comp vs. Gatlin on Tuesday. Brazilian out fast through 100m. Bernard Williams takes lead at curve. Crawford moves up and takes over at 110m…leads to the finish and wins in an unchallenged 20,31. Gatlin 20,39.

                              1,500m – Women
                              TV showed race with 1.30 of time already run. 1.52 with 800m remaining. Douma in 2nd behind Ukrainian pacer (2.38 drops out)…Douma leading with 500m remaining with 5 behind in a tight pack. #112 takes over at 400m. 3.17,15 at 1,200m. 3.31 at 1,300m. Sacramento in 3rd. 3.47 with 100m remaining. 4.03,77 (63,81) winner same from Tuesday evening in Ostrava = Iryna Lishchinska. Douma got dropped with 200m remaining and ran 4.07.

                              800m - Men
                              Krummenacker in same shared start lane (6) as Borzakovskiy. Borzakovksiy dead, dead last through 25,6 200m. Pacer out in never-never land at 300m, and runs 49,46 at the bell – Borzakovskiy moves to 3rd on homestretch in the meantime. Bungei takes lead at 580m ahead of Borzakovksiy. Borzakovskiy moves on Bungei heading into the turn – waiting to pounce…Borzakovskiy looks very strong down the homestretch – uses his arms and does not tie up as much at 1.44,42 – 3rd fastest this year.

                              400m – Women
                              49,78 WL for #57 Tonique Williams of Bahamas – was in command from start… continued dominance through the turn and into the straight…no one even close the final 100m.

                              1,500m – Men
                              No Hicham and tv reporters commented on his near-loss in Spain…stating outside conditions (poor training weather and becoming a father) may be leading to Hicham still trying to find his form. Bernard Lagat (3.33,52 SB picked to win).

                              12,8 100m/27,2 200m/40,8 300m/55,51 400m (Lagat in 3rd)/1.10,5 500m/1.24 600m/1.39,3 700m/1.54,38 800m (Lelei in lead)/2.09,7 900m/2.27 1000m/2.39,5 1100m/
                              2.53,77 1,200m Lagat leading/3.07,9 1,300m Hesko (sp?)/3.21 1,400m Lagat with entire field on his shoulders/3.34,10 1,500m Lagat holds on with unimpressive 40+ final 300m. Neck-and-neck victory.

                              Edited: Bekele:s time was incorrect.