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Coe makes run for IAAF Presidency official


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  • Coe makes run for IAAF Presidency official

    I think he will be the perfect man for the job : )
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    Agreed. He showed what he can do in terms of organisation in London 2012, and he has a strong anti doping stance. I know he wants to go back to 4 year bans, but not sure if that's possible on European circuit due to EU regulations about right to make a living and the Constitution of Human Rights!?


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      TORONTO — THE undisputed facts of the case are that the South African cyclist Daryl Impey — the first African rider to wear the leader’s jersey at the Tour de France — visited a pharmacy in Durban on the eve of his country’s national road cycling championships in February. He purchased some pills to boost his race performance. A few months later, authorities announced that he had tested positive for probenecid, a substance sometimes used to mask the presence of other drugs.

      It would be a familiar story, except that Mr. Impey has now been exonerated. The pharmacist, it turns out, had sold him empty gelatin capsules but used a pill-counter contaminated from selling probenecid to a previous customer


      Taken from the front page and should serve to caution anti-doping crusaders that things aren't clear cut black and white. So while Coe's anti-doping stance is worthy of note, innocent ones are not fully protected. Still a slippery slope.


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        It looks to be a straight up fight for votes between t&f legends Lord Coe and Sergey Bubka at this point. We already know Seb's stance on drugs, but what are Sergey's electioneering promises? How does he see the sport progressing at elite level?


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          It's my understanding and there's an article on front page that Nawal El Moutawakel is running as well.

          Who votes for this ? I would be very surprised if they voted for a woman but she's a formidable woman. Olympic champ, Morrocan sports minister, Member of IAAF and IOC.
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            Originally posted by mump boy View Post
            It's my understanding and there's an article on front page that Nawal El Moutawakel is running as well.

            Who votes for this ?
            The delegates to the IAAF Congress, one vote per IAAF member federation.


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              If you read the El Moutawakel story (to which we appended a ?), you'll note that there's no clear statement that she's running.


              She's a brilliant (and wonderfully friendly) woman, but I don't see her with a remote chance of winning in an organization which has yet—correct me if I'm wrong—even elect a woman to the Council, other than by having special seats set aside which are mandated for women.

              When you're talking 200-plus countries, you very quickly run out of those whose mindsets are in the 21st century (heck, make that the 20th century).


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                If I had a vote, I would vote Coe over Bubka.


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                  Was it always one vote per federation, or did that change under Nebiolo? It does not appear to be a system that would pick the candidate best for T&F so much as the candidate that keeps a majority of national governing bodies happy, most of which could disappear from T&F forever and we wouldn't even notice.


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                    Originally posted by AyZiggy View Post
                    Was it always one vote per federation, or did that change under Nebiolo?
                    There was a weighted voting system for many years. It started changing before his presidency, but the final change did take place under Nebiolo.


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                      And that bit of false democracy is one of the worst things that ever happened to the IAAF. But it sure helped guarantee Nebiolo's dictatorial reign.


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                        It sounds just as stupid as a legislative body with equal representation of regions with populations of 38mill and 0.5mill. What kind of fools would stand for such a thing that makes for certain dysfunction?

                        Oh, wait...

                        (Hope I didn't violate the 4th of July rule).


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                          there is no proscription on discussing "political science"; our ban is on partisan politics.


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                            I would have thought Coe could afford to hire an editor (or even a junior proofreader) before publishing his opening remarks:


                            If I were a high school english teacher, I would be doing a bit of redlining ...


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