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  • 2019 WCT (usatf)

    I just read gh's column in the current eT&FN. In it he suggests that since the Doha WC starts Sept 28, we should have the WCT in early Sept. While I think that is too late, I agree that it can NOT be in June. I like that he notes that the 10000 and Multis can't go that late, but notes that Hardee and Eaton say 5-6 weeks is good. I think the 10K could accomodate a 6-week hiatus also, and I esp. hate the idea of the WCT without these events, so why wouldn't early to mid-August work? Let's keep the athletes together (exc. Thoners and RWers, I guess) and put on a big show for America.

    [and why the EFF did the software just lowercase my thread title?]]

    edits done by gh, who makes interesting discovery…. i can chane the WCT, as you see, and it saved fine, but as soon as i capped USATF as well, it reverted the whole thing… bizarre software!
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    Maybe that capitalization thing is a rule designed to keep people from shouting in type.


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      column is now posted to front page


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        Getting down to brass tacks . . .

        The 2019 WCh will be from Sep 28 - Oct 6.

        gh's suggestion is running USATF Sep 5-8 to give 3 weeks, but doing the 10000 and Multis earlier.

        My suggestion is running it Aug 15-18 to give 6 weeks with everything (exc. Marathon).

        I think the idea of asking coaches (even more that athletes!) is good, because they're the ones in charge of the double-peak. I'm sure gh's point is that a peak for USATF will hold for WCh, while my point is that with a little more rest after USATF, another, higher peak can be achieved, from the high plateau produced at USATF.

        In any case a June USATF is a terrible idea. Too much green between ball and pocket.


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          Move it up a week or two and it's a great idea.