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  • Change thread title?

    How does one change the title of a thread in the new system?

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    I obviously have privileges that others don't enjoy, but for me, I hit EDIT and then hit GO ADVANCED. And that gives you the option of changing. Work for you guys as a whole?


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      Nope. Tried it on the Boz thread and I changed the title, which was reflected on the initial post, but did not change the thread title.


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        This has never worked on the new board and it would be VERY nice if it did. Threads like Polish/German/Russian results would certainly benefit from it.


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          I can change the post title but that does not change the thread title, even if it's the first post in the thread. See the "Junior SP" thread.


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              Still cannot change the thread title that is shown on the Forums index. Someone did it once... can they do it again for the 79' throw?


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                I've yet to find out why it's set up this way, but this program is set up so that even original posters can't change a thread title after 5 minutes. I think I've found a way to extend that to a day, but that's the upper end. Very stupid.


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                  ps--I would love to be proved wrong.


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                    Originally posted by gh View Post
                    ps--I would love to be proved wrong.
                    I had some spare time to do some research and put myself in a whole world of hurt for such a simple thing! I probably haven't done anything except replicate the time you've wasted trying to get an answer but here's what I found.

                    The vbulletin manual says in order to remove time restrictions make the following setting:
                    vBulletin Options --> Message Posting and Editing Options --> Time Limit on Editing of Thread Title : 0 (that's zero)

                    However, there are also contradictory postings on some expert boards saying that, although this is the standard way to switch off limits in vbulletin, this doesn't work for Editing of Thread Title and will, instead, prevent any editing!!

                    Suggested solution instead is just using a large number (in minutes) instead. How large can you go, given our annual threads need 527,040 minutes for a year and a day? Nobody seems to @#$%ing know and vbulletin manual only seems to list defaualt values and not max values for settings. gh, maybe you found that limit at 1 day (1,440 minutes)?

                    For a supposed professional product all this is a big fail in my book. If there is a limit (and why should there be?), why isn't it documented clearly in the manual? If there is no limit to fields, why isn't THAT clear.

                    In addition, you also need to make sure that the Time Limit on Editing of Posts setting equals or exceeds the Time Limit on Editing of Thread Title (that is, you can't edit title if you can't edit first post) AND the editing of Thread Title also has to be done using the Advanced editor.

                    If none of this works, you will need to mod your installation. This mod gives you the ability to set this by individual forum and user group: This might be actually more usefull than global settings anyway, given that you could create user groups with and without edit capacity if need be.


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                      thanks for your effort, but I indeed ran though that same sequence earlier yesterday.


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                        So why not install the mod?


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                          Seems that if you are on the Currents Forum looking at all the topics, double clicking on the row of the topic you want to change will allow you to edit the topic

                          But the only issue is, the changes do not save...