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    We are a pathetic, suffering bunch here at this time of year, having to endure the "break" between summer and indoor and pretending that cross country really gets us off.

    But the recent article regarding sub-4:30 women (see makes one salivate with anticipation at the possibilities for the upcoming indoor season, at least in regards to the mile. It used to be such a big deal at the national sports level during indoors. (Recall Dick Buerkle on the cover of SI). We have some really fine athletes and I hope that they are showcased appropriately by the schedule.

    US Women's 2014 mile performances:
    4:24.11i* 1 Mary Cain John Thomas Terrier Invitational, MA 01/24/14
    4:24.54i 1 Kim Conley New Balance Games, NY 01/25/14
    4:26.28i 1 Amanda Winslow BU David Hemery Valentine Invitational, MA 02/28/14
    4:26.67 1 Sarah Brown Harry Jerome Track Classic, CAN 07/10/14
    4:26.84 1 Molly Huddle Morton Games, IRL 07/11/14
    4:27.61 3 Aisha Praught Morton Games, IRL 07/11/14
    4:27.78 1 Katie Mackey Falmouth Mile, MA 08/16/14
    4:28.02 4 Lauren Penney Morton Games, IRL 07/11/14
    4:28.31i 2 Abbey D'Agostino John Thomas Terrier Invitational, MA 01/24/14
    4:28.37i 3 Jordan Hasay John Thomas Terrier Invitational, MA 01/24/14

    US Men's 2014 mile performances:
    3:50.53 8 Matthew Centrowitz Pre Classic: Bowerman Mile, OR 05/31/14
    3:51.82 1 Will Leer Morton Games, IRL 07/11/14
    3:52.41 1 Leo Manzano Pre Classic: International Mile, OR 05/31/14
    3:52.62 2 Patrick Casey Morton Games, IRL 07/11/14
    3:52.89 2 Jordan McNamara Pre Classic: International Mile, OR 05/31/14
    3:53.33 3 Evan Jager Pre Classic: International Mile, OR 05/31/14
    3:53.44 3 Cory Leslie Morton Games, IRL 07/11/14
    3:53.61 2 Garrett Heath Michigan Track Classic: Running Institute Ron Warhurst Mile, MI 08/10/14
    3:53.95 7 David Torrence Pre Classic: International Mile, OR 05/31/14
    3:54.28 9 Lopez Lomong Pre Classic: International Mile, OR 05/31/14

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    For accuracy in my T&F Record Book and in my blog (which uses my Book as its main reference source), I double-checked that list.
    And found 2 marks that were NOT on my outdoor list.
    They were Brenda Martinez's 4:26.78 and Gabe Grunewald's 4:27.94, both from the August 11th, 2012 Falmouth Mile.

    So I went to the eTN Archives from August 2012, and found it.
    BUT, eTN said there was no curb, or no cones (similar to what happened at 2013's Re-RUN!).
    I also checked my FAST Annual's A-T list, and the Index, and the latter did NOT have Martinez's time listed, but the A-T list DID!
    So I checked the T&FN ("Absolute") list for 2012 US women, and both times were there, with no asterisks.

    So I added those times to my Top 24 Outdoor list.
    But what was the difference between that Falmouth track and the one in San Diego?
    Remember, those Re-RUN times weren't okay for record or list purposes!
    Why should those Falmouth times be?


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      Not to seem over-biased towards the distance folks. I would kill just to see some hurdlers tonight.