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2015 NCAA & USA Mens Decathlon/Multis


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  • 2015 NCAA & USA Mens Decathlon/Multis

    Looking forward to another great season in the NCAA & USA men’s decathlon (and indoor heptathlon)…

    NCAA (D1):
    - Five 8000 point guys likely returning this year (Hock, Uibo, Scantling, Nilsson as a redshirt senior?, Keys) and a few more that are very close (Ziemek, McCune).
    - Last year’s HS stars and World Juniors 6th and 8th place finishers, Harrison Williams (Stanford, 7760) and Gabe Moore (Arkansas, 7619) will move up to the senior implements this year.
    - Georgia is a multi-event machine. In addition to Uibo and Scantling, Karl Saluri (EST, 7497) has transferred there from New Orleans (2015 eligibility?), and coming back from injury is Devon Williams (Kendell’s older brother). Devon scored 6916 as a freshman, has a sum of PR’s over 7500, and has already opened the indoor season solidly, PR’ing in all three events in his first meet back.
    - Any surprises this year?... Maybe Andre Dorsey of Kennesaw St. will try it again (didn’t complete his first and only decathlon last season). He has reasonable speed (10.76), great hops (LJ 25-5/7.76 and HJ 7-3/2.23), and strong enough to do quite well in the throwing events with minimal training (SP 46-6/14.18 and JT 193/58.80) – a potential 8000 point guy if you add in a respectable PV/1500, but I’m an optimist here. Any others?

    See olorin’s post for a great review of 2014…
    - Eaton back from 400H’ing and Hardee will be 31 this February… but both likely ready for another WC.
    - WC spots 3 and 4 up for grabs… Recovering from injury is Taiwo (out 2014 season) and Beach (elbow). Just saw first signs of Jeremy at the PV Summit in Reno (near PR of 16-0/4.90), and it appears his training is going very well at the OTV-CV. Beach also appears to be recovering and training well in Arizona. Not sure if Gunnar Nixon is still at Chula Vista, regardless, he should be coming into his own at this time. Might we see Scantling in a USA uniform with another year of improvement?
    - Any surprises this year?... Maybe off the radar a bit is Miller Moss (7996 in 2011 NCAAs), who I believe is training in Austin TX with Hardee, etc. Not sure what we’ll see out of recent graduates Cato and Lazas after below-expectation senior college seasons. Lastly, there’s always warriors Gray Horn and Wesley Bray - hopefully both will break thru 8000 this year.
    - More 8000 point performers this year, than ever before?

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    My preseason top 10+ Multi-men (ranked by current Dec PR):

    Name (School): Dec PR, Sum Legal PRs, Sum All PR’s (Hept PR, Sum Legal PRs)

    NCAA (D1):
    Hock (Texas/GER):...........8293, 8527, 8555 (5873, 6019)
    Uibo (Georgia/EST):.........8223, 8581, 8595 (6044, 6318)
    Scantling (Georgia):.........8169, 8410, 8410 (6017, 6116)
    Nilsson (UCLA/SWE):........8104, 8300, 8362 (5760, 6025)
    Keys (Oregon):................8068, 8352, 8352 (5942, 6099)
    Ziemek (Wisconsin):.........7981, 8317, 8359 (5937, 6236)
    McCune (Akron):..............7806, 8196, 8244 (5864, 6141)
    Morgan (Buffalo):.............7699, 7752, 7834 (5766, 6004)
    Cardina (Penn St.):...........7666, 7839, 7851 (5511, 5649)
    Kregers (Kansas St./LAT):.7618, 7942, 7942 (5534, 5696)
    Mahler (Texas):...............7602, 7829, 7829 (5335, 5682)
    w/ Junior Implements:
    Williams (Stanford):.........7760, 7972, 8048
    Moore (Arkansas):...........7619, 7689, 7730

    USA (excludes collegians):
    Eaton:.....9039, 9495, 9501 (6645, 6909)
    Hardee:...8790, 9184, 9211 (6208, 6599)
    Nixon:.....8312, 8593, 8641 (6232, 6430)
    Taiwo:.....8239, 8561, 8569 (6156, 6406)
    Beach:.....8011, 8477, 8540 (6190, 6384)
    Moss: .....7996, 8446, 8487 (5986, 6215)
    Lazas:.....7955, 8337, 8352 (6175, 6237)
    Horn:......7954, 8326, 8337 (6071, 6251)
    Bray:......7932, 8189, 8212 (5677, 5930)
    Bahner:...7847, 8124, 8168 (5666, 5885)
    Dalton:....7642, 8068, 8103 (5621, 5807)
    Cato:.......7616, 8356, 8401 (6165, 6504)


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      Scantling started the season well with 8.00 PB in the 60h (old PB 8.10).
      Devon Williams broke his PB in the SP by 1.5m (13.49, 12.02). Needs to improve his jumps (1.89, 7.25) if he wants to be known other than Kandell's older brother.

      Any updates about Cato and Lazas?


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        No news on Lazas and/or Cato - I'm curious as well. This weekend, Georgia's Scantling, Uibo, Williams all doing the indoor heptathlon at Kentucky, along with a first look at some new collegians. Texas is also there, but no Hock (while Mahler is doing individual events).


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          Early Friday multi action - here's live link (I hope) to Kentucky's Rod McCravy heptathlon/pentathlon, and the rest of the meet. This looks like Branch Sport Technology's setup (used at USATF outdoor, etc.), now flotrack?


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            Some stats to check out early season form of these top-NCAAers...
            PRs (Meet)....6044--7.16--737--1377--212---8.25--505--2:43.06
            PR Pace........>>>--826--1729-2443--3358--4278-5204--6044
            PRs (in/out)..6318--7.16--782--1443--216---8.25--520--2:39.72
            PRs (Meet)....6017--7.07--704--1412--211---8.10--510--2:47.07
            PR Pace........>>>--858--1681-2417--3323--4280--5221--6017
            PRs (in/out)..6141--6.95--714--1466--211---8.00--510--2:47.07

            After 3, Scantling with a great start (2 PRs).
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              Scantling out after clearing 202, well below his 211, the height cleared by Uibo, so the two are not very close again, near their PRs at 3334 (Uibo) and 3328.


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                In his first ever heptathlon (and w/ senior implements), 18 year-old Kentucky freshman Tim Duckworth having a great meet, relatively speaking. At this pace, he just may get a iNCAA qualifying score.


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                  Yes, I noticed that TD had some very good marks - if he can improve his SP he can be pretty good very early.


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                    Another PB for Scantling 7.98 in the 60h, Uibo only 8.33 a so Scantling lead Uibo by 81 points.


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                      However, Uibo is a little better at the final two events, so it could end up very close.


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                        Originally posted by 26mi235 View Post
                        However, Uibo is a little better at the final two events, so it could end up very close.
                        GS has a huge upside in the PV; he just hasn't put it all together in a meet. He's also capable of much more in the 1000 . . . a Dan O'Brien type that often dogged the long run, but could gut out a viable time if he had to.


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                          Georgia indoor bragging rights at stake and a potential top-10 A-T collegiate score (performer) for GS (Uibo is currently #8 A-T). If freshman Duckworth can near the 5700 mark, that should be plently enough for a iNCAA qualifier.


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                            GS with 50 pt lead going into 1000, but Uibo with a PR 81 pts better.
                            Both should exceed 6000.

                            Later . . . meltdown in the 1000!

                            1 Scantling, 3:00.35 5886
                            2 Uibo, 2:59.20 5847

                            PRs were 2:47 for GS and 2:39 for Uibo
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                              Devon Williams w/ 3 PRs today in an effort to get a NCAA qualifying-type score, and I didn't realize Duckworth would be that slow in the 1000 (he had a sub-par PV and then faded badly). They used to have an auto-qualifying score indoors a few years back, but I believe they now just take the top 16 to the iNCAAs (the cutoff mark has averaged about 5650 the last 4 years).
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