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eTN Glitch?


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  • eTN Glitch?

    Accepts my e-mail address and password, but then at the next screen where there's a button to click to get into the eTN archives, it kicks me back out to the blank e-mail address and password login screen.

    Thanks. Not really a big deal. Trying to check a 2014 NCAA Championships mark. I can probably find it elsewhere. Or can dig through my e-mails for a link to that eTN issue. These eTN glitches happen from time to time. I'm just happy the archives are there.

    1:06 pm., PST, 28Jan2015

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    Am having the same problem right now!
    Tried 3 e-mail & password...then I get moved above to "submit", then returned to e-mail & password.
    Why is this happening?

    Tried it a 4th time---same problem!!

    Just tried again---4 hours later---still same problem!
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      Tried the member number and zip code, but same results!
      Or should I say NON results!!


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        the boffins say it should work correctly now (this, by the way, is not the place to come to bring up about this kind of problem; the business office should be contacted directly).


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          In the USATF results eTN, the USATF portion didn't have any special notations (red lining, AR, PR special indicators).
          Only a European meet had those.
          Also, the next eTN---with the Conference results---was said to probably be Wednesday---yesterday!
          Will they be out today?
          (I said "they" because I assume there will be separate ones for each gender!)


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            The USATF results eTN was also originally mailed as #10, instead of tagged as #11.

            For those who want a more accurate personal archive, you can now download an updated #11, which also includes the ATL notations.


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              Using this thread so I won't have to start a new one!

              What happened to the eTN with the Women's Indoor lists?
              The Men's lists came out March 31st.
              Don't they usually come the same day?


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                They're all here:


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                  Originally posted by tamabi View Post
                  I was talking about the eTN we get by subscription in our mail box.
                  The eTN with the final 2015 Men's INdoor lists came in my inbox on March 31st..
                  But the Women's list eTN hasn't come yet.
                  They normally follow the same day or the next.


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                    They're coming.


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                      They've now been sent and are on the subscribers area of the website.


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                        As someone who has OFTEN complained about the lateness (or whatever!) of the eTN, let me be the first to THANK you for getting the Mt SAC issue out so early!!
                        (Just saw it in my inbox!!)

                        THANK YOU!!