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Australian results, 2015


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  • Australian results, 2015

    The summer (outdoor) season is starting to get some momentum down in Australia, with the first biggish meet just completed (in Newcastle).

    Women 5000 metres
    1, Heiner, Madeline 15:43.26.
    2, Spencer, Kate 15:53.98.

    Women High Jump
    1, Patterson, Eleanor 1.91m

    Men 1500 metres
    1, Riseley, Jeffrey 3:39.77.

    Men Long Jump
    1, Crowther, Robbie, 8.03m, w:2.4.

    Men Shot Put
    1, Birkinhead, Damien, 19.14m

    Men Discus Throw
    1, Wruck, Julian, 62.25m

    Men Javelin Throw
    1, Outzen, Matthew, 80.37m (becomes 10 Aussie 80m+ man)
    2, Peacock, Hamish, TIS, 79.85m.

    Full results here:

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    Other noteworthy results in January:

    MPV 17yo Kurtis Marschall 5.42m
    MSP Birkinhead 19.84 PR
    MDT Wruck 63.28
    MJT Peacock 83.31 PR

    WPV 17yo Nina Kennedy 4.41
    WHT 17yo Alex Hulley 63.65


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      Well, well, well, look who just became Australia's 5th fastest High Hurdling Woman!!

      I won't even say her name, but "SHE" ran 13.04.

      P.S. She's a pretty fair dancer too!


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        Oh, and ANOTHER one of Australia's great High Hurdlers opened HER season with a 100-200 double of 11.16 and 22.97.

        As far as I know, she does NOT have any significant dancing skills!



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          What a brilliant idea, we should all let people guess athletes names instead of just reporting the results, so much more fun.
          "Guess who ran a fast time somewhere in Europe last week, won't tell you his/her name, but it rhymes with something green. If you substract the number of gold medals Luxembourg won at olympic games from my birthday and multiply by Pi you got his/her time".


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            To be fair, I knew exactly who he was talking about for both posts...outside of a handful of athletes, the above wouldn't work though, clearly

            That's a good 100m time for Sally - clearly means business


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              And here are the broader highlights (and I do reveal aaronK's secret hurdler) from the meet on Australia's fastest track (Canberrra) on Saturday Feb 7, 2015. Temp was in the high 20s (celsius):

              (w: 1.8) 1, Sally Pearson, 11.16 (i think that's her #2 legal time ever). 2, Melissa Breen, 11.27.

              200m (w: 0.8) 1, 664 Sally Pearson, 22.97 PR (finally breaks 23s) 2, Ella Nelson, 23.33. 3, Melissa Breen, 23.47.

              1500m 1, Melissa Duncan, 4:11.46. 2, Brittany McGowan, 4:12.54 PR. 3, Trychelle Kingdom, 4:12.86 PR

              100mH (w: 0.8) 1, Michelle Jenneke, 13.04 PR

              400mH 1, Lauren Wells, 56.21

              LJ 1, Brooke Stratton, 6.64m, w:+0.0. 2, Chelsea Jaensch 6.63m, w:0.3. PR

              TJ 1, Nneka Okpala, NZL, 13.65m, w:0.9. NZ NR 2, Ellen Pettitt, 13.52m, w:1.8.

              JT 1, Kelsey-Lee Roberts, 63.78m. 2, Kathryn Mitchell, 63.70m.

              (B Race) (w: 0.8) 1, Tom Gamble, 10.34. PR

              200m (w: 1.8) 1, Alexander Hartmann, 20.59 PR 2, 607 Benjamin Jaworski 20.85 PR

              400m (B Race) 1, Kurt Mulchay, 46.40.
              400m 1, Craig Burns, 46.03. 2, Alex Beck, 46.09.

              800m 1, Alexander Rowe, 1:45.38 2, Peter Bol 1:46.51

              110mH (w: 0.1) 1, Nicholas Hough, 13.68. 2, Justin Merlino, 13.77 (his fastest time since 2008).

              400mH 1, Michael Cochrane, NZL, 50.21. 2, Tait Nystuen, CAN, 50.64

              HJ 1, Nauraj Singh Randhawa, MAS, 2.22m. 2, Brandon Starc, 2.20m.

              5000m Walk 1, Dane Bird-Smith, 19:44.60. 2, Chris Erickson, 20:16.66. 3, Jared Tallent, 20:35.41.
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                Originally posted by aaronk View Post
                Well, well, well, look who just became Australia's 5th fastest High Hurdling Woman!!

                I won't even say her name, but "SHE" ran 13.04.

                P.S. She's a pretty fair dancer too!
                To run 13.04 with a PB of 12.00 for the 100m is incredibly impressive. If she can get down into the 11.60s then I think she could run into the 12.80s.


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                  Sally's second best 100m ever and a 200m PB shows she's healthy again and enjoying her training. She said she was disappointed after the 200m as she feels she run much quicker if she gets her phases right. Her start has always been good but her start this time I thought looked very sharp. Its the transition from our domestic season into the Northern hemisphere season that's caused the injuries since 2012, if they can keep her healthy, she's a medal contender again in Beijing, a place she has fond memories with her silver in 2008.


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                    Video of Sally's 100m & 200m races
                    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

                    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.


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                      Athletics Australia is showing all the 2015 Australian meets in their entirety on youtube
                      Welcome to the official YouTube home of Athletics Australia and the Australian Flame!
                      Bolt's last year...and my last year as a track fan, it's been fun


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                        Guys and gals, I did the "secret" names bit for 1 reason---because normally when I mention Michelle Jenneke----and in the past, there wasn't much more than her "dancing skills" to talk about!---I would get criticized.

                        So I decided to joke about it!
                        And to present Sally's times, I thought I'd continue the "joke"!

                        Where's your sense of humor?

                        Anyway, now that Jenneke can be called a "serious" hurdler, rather than just a YouTube Celebrity, we/I can mention her name and NOT joke about it.

                        BTW, Jenneke PR'd by 0.19 seconds, her previous best being 13.23. That's a good leap forward!
                        Last edited by aaronk; 02-07-2015, 03:39 PM.


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                          Great breakthroughs by some of our second-tier athletes - Hartmann, Bol, Jenneke and especially Jaensch, who jumped a 26cm PB at age 30 after moving state and linking up with our best jumps coach. Five qualifers for world champs yesterday too - Pearson (W100 and 200), Breen (W100), Rowe (M800), Roberts and Mitchell (both WJav) and a number of near misses.


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                            Conditions were pretty much perfect yesterday and hopefully this meet will continue in future years - it's been a travesty that it hasn't been included on the circuit for some time. The crowd was small but its' a knowledgable and supportive one which the athletes seemed to appreciate.

                            The last time I remember Sally winning a 200m in Canberra she had a massive vomit straight afterwards so at least yesterday she was in better spirits after the race

                            Jaensch & Jenneke both seem to have benefitted from some flat 100m racing in recent weeks.


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                              WJR to 17-year-old Nina Kennedy tonight in Perth in the women's pole vault - 4.59!