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    Originally posted by gm View Post
    Aaron. For the love of all that is good and wonderful, lay off for a bit. Back away from the tweeterverse, etc., and just enjoy a meet for the sheer beauty of athletic performance. It's AN OFF YEAR for indoors.
    Imagine it's the French National INdoor Championships.
    Renaud Lavillenie wins the PV with 19-10.25.
    Second place is 17-6.50.

    That's basically what happened in the Men's Heptathlon at USATF!


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      One thing that has been excellent are the results. They have pretty much been instantaneous. During all the races they update the 200m splits while the races are in progress which has been great.


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        Taiwo's performance was good: per TFN's lists, he is now #5 USA performer, #9 performance. The guys he is behind on this list are great. I can't see how a big margin of victory would be an "embarrassment" for USATF or some sort of problem of any kind. Every competition has its own characteristics -- they can't all be awesome. But that is just my way of viewing these things. I am easily entertained.


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          To clarify (and maybe repeat) what I meant by "embarrassment"---This was a National Championship.
          While MANY top Americans are there, not enough are!
          In a National Champs, I would think a majority of the past year's Top Ten competing is the least one should expect.

          Besides Taiwo, who else from the Top 10 in the Hept (or Dec outdoors) from 2014-15 were there?
          Same with the Men's SP, with Cantwell the only big star.
          And the Men's LJ.

          Whether Outdoors or INdoors, the measure of a National Championship meet's quality (and LACK of embarrassment!) should be the same---the number of top-tier participants being near or at the top of the list.

          That said, thus far, the meet has produced some really solid performances!


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            Aaron, many of the top Hept guys are not there for a very, very good reason. Like in almost all years, most of them are competing this weekend somewhere else - they are in college. A couple of years ago when they had the WIC and Eaton was breaking the WR, the next two best marks were from NCAA, beating everyone else in the world, not just those that went to the USATF Indoor meet.