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Moroccan Born Qatari forer WJC 1500m runner banned for doping


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  • Moroccan Born Qatari forer WJC 1500m runner banned for doping

    It seems like alot of steroid use from this area of the world. The m button on my keyboard does not work.
    Bolt's last year...and my last year as a track fan, it's been fun

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    I was very saddened by this latest doping suspension. When I saw Hamza Driouch race in 2012, winning the World Junior 1500m with a third lap of 52.17, I was convinced he was going to be the next El Gerrouj, or Jim Ryun. He also ran 3:50.90 for a mile in a DL race at Oslo where he was near or at the front for much of the race. Driouch was shoved in the back during his Olympic 1500 semi-final, and faded badly, failing to qualify; but the youngster was obviously a super talent. However the first adverse reading on his bio. passport dates from August 2012, and the IAAF has now suspended him from December 2014 to December 2016. I believe he was coached by Jama Aden from 2011 to 2013; and has been photographed training with Mo Farah in Ethiopia recently, though the latter has stated on Twitter that he has no connection with the banned Qatari.


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      Mo Farah related story:

      No connection is stretching the truth a bit.


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        Seems like a lot of steroid, etc. use from this part of the solar system.

        No particular thoughts about Driouch, but I am always simultaneously disappointed and relieved a little bit when a(nother) athlete is suspended for cheating. I am hopeful but not a fool -- I wish the sport could be rid of cheaters, and I know there are and always will be plenty more out there, but when another (in this case relatively high-profile) cheater is caught, that is less one on the track.

        As for Farah, no wish to "defend" what seem to be un-self-helpful comments, but it is not difficult to read them in more than one way. To make a training excursion to Ethiopia "on his own" is not the same thing as to say "I was alone throughout the excursion." And, I suppose "no connection" can be understood as "we aren't on the same team, we aren't employed by the same company." But whatever one makes of Farah's statements by way of interpretation, it seems that he doesn't do much to help his own image through such photos and comments. Oh well. As for the main point of this thread -- if this means Driouch is gone (at least for a while) then good riddance.