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UCLA Hammers NCAA title!


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  • UCLA Hammers NCAA title!

    Okay it's just about 3pm-ish in Texas and UCLA has effectively wrapped up the women's title with two excellent performances in the frightfully glamorous Women's Hammer Throw. They were doped to get 5 points between them, but Cosby (2nd) and Soong (5th) got 12, which equals +7 by my math. Going into the last day, they were still doped at +4 to +7 over LSU, but this might have sealed the deal.....

    Sure hope I'm not eating my words in a few hours, but it looks good for the Bridesmaid Bruins at this point.

    Current team scores with about 10 finals to go:
    1) UCLA 46
    2) Nebraska 38
    3) LSU 31
    4) Georgia 24
    5) Texas 21
    6) Miami 17
    6) Texas A&M 17
    8) Florida 15

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    Re: UCLA Hammers NCAA title!

    It was a very tiny hammer. They beat LSU by 1 point.