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Centrowitz to marathon...


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  • Centrowitz to marathon...

    I'm assuming that the article on the front page with Centrowitz announcing via a video that he was switching his focus to the marathon was an April fools joke, right?

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    Count me among those who feel that April Fools pranks on the internet are way overdone. Unfortunately, the World Wide Web, the greatest repository of information in history, also gives more life to frauds, snake oil salesmen, old-wives tales, and conspiracy theorists. Every day we must be on guard against lies and misinformation masquerading as “content,” and celebrating this in the form of an April Fool’s Day holiday prank is rarely clever or funny. It’s too easy to find gullible people reading the web.

    The Centrowitz marathon announcement, created in collaboration with USATF, fell completely flat with me. I appreciate that Matthew has a lighter side (and enough acting talent to play it very straight), but to me the official letterhead and top public affairs official of a national governing body should not be involved in creating fake news. [I know, some may say that USATF is already a joke, so lighten up. But I am probably not the only one who had these thoughts].

    Sure, I have a sense of humor, but leave it to the professional comics and satirists (like Jimmy Kimmel or The Onion) to create clever pranks and parody. John Oliver was spot on with his critique of April Fool’s Day.