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Brendan Christian!?


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  • Brendan Christian!?

    Anybody know what is going on with B.C.?

    10.30 and 20.88 last place finishes, after running 10.15/20.32 in similar conditions two years ago in high school.. not to mention a 21.02 indoor USR the year before.

    has he been injured at all?

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    Re: Brendan Christian!?

    Are you sure the conditions two years ago as a HS runner in Texas were similar? I moved to Texas this year and the winds here are normally VERY high and the officials at most meets "flip" the sprints to run with those strong winds. There's a difference in running with a slight breeze at your back and running with a 30 to 40 mph wind pushing you along.


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      Re: Brendan Christian!?

      im going by wind readings listed with both sets of performances


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        Re: Brendan Christian!?

        I was wondering the same thing. He's not having a very good meet.

        A lot of people run fast in high school, but find it hard to run fast in college.

        1. Competition is stiffer, and allow others to take them out of their race.

        2. Lifestyle changes, from being at home to being in a college atmosphere.

        3. Focus has changed.

        4. Training and coaching changes. Many coaches use one single regimen to train all their athletes. The problem is, not every athlete's body responds to workouts the same.

        There could be many other reasons, but these are the most prevalent.

        He has a lot of potential keeping in mind what he ran in high school.