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Mano a Mano 2015


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  • Mano a Mano 2015

    Good race between Jeter, Stewart, and VCB. I won't ruin it for you, here's the video:

    Bolt demolished Ryan Bailey, and also ran as a guide runner for Terezihna Guilhermina:

    Bolt - 10.12
    Bailey - 10.24
    Churandy Martina - 10.51

    Great to see Churandy Martina still having a good time and not retired.

    The event seems to have been done wonderfully just like it was the previous 2 times. It's great that the City Games concept is spreading to other continents.

    Richard Browne won his race, but Johnny Peacock was not there:
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    Bolt's last year...and my last year as a track fan, it's been fun

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    It looked like Bolt got a slow bad start/acceleration. Bailey seemed to hang with him or even a little ahead for the first half of the race. It also looked like there might have been a headwind. All-in-all not a bad time.........I mean, he's no Gatlin, but not bad....... (Just writing that to get peoples panties in a twist) >


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      Great run by Veronica demolishing the field.

      VCB 11.04
      Jeter 11.19
      Stewart 11.30
      Rosa 11.59