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R.I.P. SMU Track and Field


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  • R.I.P. SMU Track and Field

    Not a bad way for the Mustangs to go out -- 4th place tie in the program's last meet. I'm sure the alumni are chomping at the bit to dismantle the most successful program in the athletic department. Well done!

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    Re: R.I.P. SMU Track and Field

    What a shame. We were just talking about the Mustangs' 1983 NCAA title on the history board.


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      Re: R.I.P. SMU Track and Field

      I'm afraid that Baylor is a bit out of water being in the Big 12. Being smaller and the only private school in that conference has made it difficult for them to keep up financially, primarily because of the prohibitive cost of Big 12 football.

      With the scandal in the basketball program in the last year, I'm afraid that Baylor may very shortly be forced to leave the Big 12 for financial reasons.

      These days, big-time college athletics is all about the money, unfortunately.

      (Edit. Although the subject is SMU, Baylor is very much in the same boat, if not moreso. I think there are a number of programs, particularly in men's sports, that are in big trouble across the country. I did not make that connection clear.)


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        Re: R.I.P. SMU Track and Field

        I heard a story the other day that even UCLA is consdiering dropping it's men track program and eventhough that is almost impossible to believe didn't they already drop like swimming and gymnastics when they were really successful?