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    Originally posted by oldvaulter
    ...In any case, if this principle is still obscure to you, then I have nothing further to say to you about this.
    Have to agree with booond. Your theory doesn't universally apply to all sports, regardless of your observations of these "patterns". Have you been a middle distance runner or coached them? If not, what is the basis of your theory that contradicts a professional coach? To state that increased competition frequency = better performances doesn't make sense from a logic viewpoint. Performance is based on a number of factors, and to state that competition frequency is the main driver for Cain's performance is ridiculous. She could be competing every weekend, but if all the other factors that cause her to run 4:16 don't change, then she isn't going to improve.


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      Originally posted by aaronk View Post

      But for right now, at least, I'd have to say Efraimson has taken over as the star Pro girl teen on the American scene!
      I did not realize that 17 year old Kaylin Whitney's lmiddle name was Efraimson. You know the Kaylin that came in second in the 200 to VCB today in the IWC meet in China.


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        You're both wrong... Vashti Cunningham.

        Kendell Williams
        Dior Hall


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          I don't buy the underraced theory at all. With the illness we have no idea how much that could have taken out of her or what it even was. Rupp had an illness issue as well as hasn't been seen since. So maybe it was a pretty severe bug which caused serious training problems. Could have taken a lot out of the legs as well.

          This is all in addition to some other issues raised.


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            Originally posted by oldvaulter
            By contrast, she began competing much less as a pro under Salazar in 2014. She competed less indoors, but still did well.
            Fact is, in 2014 she competed in 6 indoor meets, one MORE than she had in 2013.


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              Originally posted by oldvaulter

              It should be noted that this seems to be a particularly American problem. The foreign stars in track and field typically compete much more frequently than their American counterparts. And they clearly benefit from this by competing at a high level more consistently. ........
              And on behalf of Jacko, I agree with you wholeheartedly


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                Originally posted by Atticus
                If I were Miss Mary's parents, I would be VERY weirded out that a bunch of grumpy old men were discussing their daughter in such great detail. Just sayin' . . .
                Speak for yourself Atticus - I am happy to wear the moniker "grumpy" but I draw the line at your other misguided insinuation


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                  Folks here are talking about her races--good and bad--to try to analyze why she's running so poorly now.
                  I may have another avenue to follow.

                  During her "better years"---meaning 2013 (all) and 2014 (indoors only)---Cain would give some fantastic interviews---mostly to Flotrack, but really, to anyone who shoved a microphone in her face!
                  And these interviews---some in the 7 minutes or longer range!--showed us a young girl who OOZED enthusiasm and confidence, a sense of humor, and a rapid-speaking loquaciousness laced with the grammatical frailties of your typical teenager!
                  And through these MANY interviews, she gradually became "America's T&F Darling".

                  But have you noticed anything different SINCE the end of her 2014 indoor season?

                  Those interviews have, for all intents, disappeared.
                  Not just the "personality" of their content---but the interviews themselves!
                  I can't remember the last one she gave---though, as I said, I believe it was after her last indoor race of 2014.
                  NOTHING since!!

                  I've seen an article or two about her.
                  These sometimes included a quote or two attributed to Cain.
                  But no interviews.

                  And you can't use the excuse that she doesn't give interviews after bad races.
                  She did in 2014---the 2:39.25 1000, which she considered below her capabilities---and maybe 1 other.

                  So you have to ask--Why?

                  Is she embarrassed by her poor times, and just doesn't want to talk to anyone about it?

                  Is she tired---in the larger sense---of being "America's track darling"----and just wants to be "normal average girl Mary" again?

                  If it were me, I can't imagine wanting to talk about a bad race!
                  And for a 19 year old, she maybe just doesn't want to share her feelings and emotions----unless they're good positive ones.

                  She's always said she likes being the inspiration for young girls wanting to run fast.
                  Maybe she doesn't feel "inspiring"---and doesn't want those young girls to see a distraught despairing (IF that's how she's feeling!!) Mary Cain.

                  I don't know.
                  I would love to see the "old Mary Cain" re-emerge.
                  Whatever the reason for her poor races recently, I hope she finds whatever she needs to solve the problem!


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                    Originally posted by oldvaulter
                    The pattern of competing freuently as an amateur, usually at the collegiate level but sometimes also at the high school level, and progressing continuously, and competing well, followed by turning pro, hardly ever competing, and experiencing stagnation and lack of progress is a common pattern with US athletes.
                    When Ajee Wilson turned pro after high school. pundits on this board speculated on how lack of frequent racing might hurt her growth as a runner. Well, you may want to ask her now how that has turned out.

                    If you think Wilson is an outlier, check the collegiate PBs and current PBs of Shannon Rowbury, Brenda Martinez, Leo Manzano among others.

                    Check where Galen Rupp finished in Worth Youth and World Junior, and how much ahead Tariku Bekele and Augstine Choge were in those races. Where did Tariku finish in that London race?

                    Do you think all of them are outliers?


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                      OK, so I purged all the nastiness from this thread yesterday afternoon and closed it down for a cooling-off period. Are we all ready to play nice again?


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                        In response to Aaronk's comments about her lack of interviews I would respond with fame is fleeting. There could be a number of reasons for the lack of interviews however the biggest one, I believe, is that she's just not competitive at the moment.


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                          There's a lot of Kremlinology going on in this thread.


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                            Originally posted by NotDutra5 View Post
                            In response to Aaronk's comments about her lack of interviews I would respond with fame is fleeting. There could be a number of reasons for the lack of interviews however the biggest one, I believe, is that she's just not competitive at the moment.
                            There is also a much greater interest from the general public towards a high school phenom competing with the professional elites as opposed to an adult doing so


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                              All I've got to say is that because of her entry into the big time a couple of years ago, she became the biggest star for many of us in the US who follow middle distances. I can't remember when the last time such genuine excitement was generated for many of us and she is one helluva tough act to follow.


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                                I hope no one thinks, because of what I said when starting this thread, that I think Mary Cain is done and won't be back competitive at a national and even international level. She's definitely struggling right now but I sincerely hope she will be back wowing us again.