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    My two cents... It is a coaching thing. As a former tall lanky sprinter myself I can tell you that size and bulk is NOT the answer but strength is. He does not want to add a lot of mass especially up top, but he must get stronger. It's about strength to weight ratio (I think Bolt would have broke 9.5 if he didn't put so much mass on in his arms and shoulders. Bad lifting).

    Lemaitre has incredibly elasticity and tendon stiffness which is what allows him to maintain his speed so well at the end of races despite his sometimes sloppy form.

    He just needs strength in order to start better and he needs to clean up his form. He has a bad tendency to get reachy, long, and backside. He has all the tools, but I know he has been injured a lot the last few years. Bottom line, I think it is a coaching thing. I hope he can realize he needs to make changes and can find the right people to help him.
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      Results from today's race in France:
      Tourcoing, France 100m (-0.7 wind)
      1. Jimmy Vicaut 10.02
      2. Christophe Lemaitre 10.23

      Disappointing from Lemaitre, but he actually run better than in his first race (10.16) if you adjust the wind readings. Vicaut is in under 10.00 sec shape
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        Great first race for Vicaut, hopefully he doesn't run the 4x100 to avoid any injury