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Ponce Grand Prix 5/23


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  • Ponce Grand Prix 5/23

    The Ponce meet, which is still in progress, has a few major stars running.

    Some performances I found notable:

    Octavious Freeman opens her season? in 11.79
    Jason Richardson 13.34

    In the womens 800m
    Rose Mary Almanza and Sahily Diago of Cuba both run the first sub 2:00 of the season with 1:59.35 and 1:59.91 respectively.

    Nick Symmonds, in what looks like his first run outdoors since 2013, goes 1:46.37 in the 800m

    Luguelin Santos, LaShawn Merrit, Jeremy Wariner and Michel Cedenio will be running in the 400m later as well.

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    When will the announcer learn that it's pronounced pon-seh, not pons.


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      I am concerned about Freeman. I was expecting her to have more upside than anyone else on the US team from the 2013 world champs. I was more 'scared' of her than I was of Gardener, Anderson or Jeter. She has amazing acceleration and top end but her start was always off. She was very Allyson Felix-esque to me. To see her running 11.7x's now though is... concerning....


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        Results from the last heat of the 400m:

        1 Michel Cedenio Trinidad & Tobago 44.97
        2 La Shawn Merrit United States 45.42
        3 Gustavo Cuesta Dominican Republic 45.89
        4 Nery Brenes Costa Rica 45.90
        5 Luguelin Santos Dominican Republic 46.19
        6 Jeremy Wariner United States 46.22
        7 James Harris United States 46.28
        8 Manteo Mitchell United States 46.76


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          Cedenio making a name for himself I see. I think he is clearly amongst the top 5 this year.

          King Kirani is the undisputed number 1.

          2 - 5 is likely being shared between Cedenio, Masrahi, McQuay & Lendore if you ask me. Cedenio though making himself one of the likely medal favorites for Beijing based on his recent string of performances.


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            Originally posted by 18.99s View Post
            When will the announcer learn that it's pronounced pon-seh, not pons.
            When will he learn who's on the track? I've never heard such bad announcing. There were entire races in which he never identified anyone. There were others in which he identified people incorrectly. The athletes were wearing uniform numbers, but he didn't seem to have start lists with the numbers on them. Or maybe he didn't have a monitor that enabled him to see the numbers that we could see on the screen. Or maybe he had neither.


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              Originally posted by tandfman View Post
              I've never heard such bad announcing.
              Well, we can't all be Hersh or Hill!


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                Rachel Schneider won the 1500 in 4:08.46, which I believe is her PR, and first sub-4:10..
                If splits were correct, she ran her last 400 in 64 seconds!


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                  Originally posted by t_monk View Post
                  2 - 5 is likely being shared between Cedenio, Masrahi, McQuay & Lendore
                  Glaring typo. I'm sure you meant "3-6"