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  • Adidas NY DL--General Thread

    Vitezlav Vesely took the first event of the meet, the JT, with 83.62 (274-5).
    He took just 2 throws, then passed on the final 4.

    After 3 rounds of the LJ, Nettey leads Proctor, Jimoh, and Bartoletta, with all 4 being between 6.59 and 6.49.

    Nettey just broke the Meet Record in the 4th round, hitting a 6.87 (22-7).
    Proctor now in 2nd with 6.66, and Bartoletta is 3rd with 6.56.
    Still doing 4th round.

    Now in 5th round, Bartoletta moves into 2nd with a 6,73.

    Nettey breaks the MR AGAIN, this time with 6.92!
    In the 6th round.
    I meant she got that 6.92 in the 5th round---so now they're starting the 6th round!

    Nettey wins it with the 6.92, but Bartoletta gets close in round 6 with a 6.89.
    Nettey passed her final jump.
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    Now the Women's DT has begun.
    Perkovic's first throw ALMOST gets her own MR...just 04 cm short!....a 68.44.
    All the rest are about 4 or 5 meters back!
    In 2nd round..

    Perez moves closer to Perkovic with a 65.85 in round 2.
    Perkovic hits just 64.40.

    All's the same after 5 rounds, but Perez edges 1 whole centimeter closer with a 65.86.

    Oh well.
    Perky wins it, but no MR.
    Her 68.44 stands.
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      Chris Lotsbom tweeted that Jonah Giorevec's 4:51.85 mile is a WR for 11 year olds.
      Have no idea what the record is, but Chris is reliable.
      Think he'll be the 8th sub-4 HS kid?
      Or Middle School?
      (JUST KIDDING!!!!)


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        Women's HJ bar is now at 1.88.
        Everybody cleared 1.85, including Chaunte Lowe!

        Beitia, Vlasic, Spencer, Pooley & Lowe all cleared 1.91.
        Not sure, but I think that's Lowe's best this year!
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          Just 4 left in PV--going to 4.64.
          Murer, Suhr, Kiriakopoulou---and Lutkovskaya, who made 4.44, but passed 4.54.

          Silva and Ahbe already out!


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            Nice running from Wayde van Niekerk in men's 400m, 44.24 sec NR


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              Just saw van Niekerk of South Africa won the 400 in 44.24!!!!
              That's the NR!!

              The HS Girls 100 is on USATF-TV now.
              Back in a minute!!

              WOW again!!!!!
              Candace Hill just won the 100 in 11.21.....against a 1.5 wind!!

              And now for the Boys HS Mile!!
              I'll be back in.....


              Fisher in 4:01.73.
              Andy Hunter next in 4:02.36, with Mikey Brannigan in 4:03.18 in 3rd.
              (The announcer said Brannigan was 2nd, but the results board said it's Hunter.)
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                Candace Hill (16 years old) wins girls 100m in 11.21 PB (wind was -1.5!)


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                  Nice to see that Blanka is back, after all those injuries it's great she can still compete at high level


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                    4:51.85 for an 11-year-old? Yikes.


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                      Looks like Suhr went out at 4.64, with Kiriakopoulou and Murer moving on to 4.74.


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                        Those makes at 1.97 for Beitia and Vlasic are the new MR's!!


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                          aaronk, how did van Niekerk run his 400m; had he a fast first 200m?


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                            Originally posted by Kuntoilija View Post
                            aaronk, how did van Niekerk run his 400m; had he a fast first 200m?
                            Didn't see it.
                            My feed decided to give me that old spinning circle routine right at that point!!
                            Same thing happened with the Women's 100----missed seeing Gardner's 11.00 (except I did see the replay!).


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                              I saw the 400m. Cedenio went out fast. Van Niekerk had the big close.