Curious, I took out my T&FN copy from 2014 (August issue) to see how those 2014 marks compared to this year's.
Here's my conclusions, based ENTIRELY on the overall quality of the marks!

100--2015 wins. The windy 9.75 by De Grasse, plus the legal 9.90 by Bromell, clearly outweigh the legal 9.97 by Bromell in 2014.

200--2015, by a HUGE margin. DeGrasse's 19.58! Windy or not, it was historic! Dukes's win in 2014 pales by comparison.

400--2014 by a slight margin. Winds affected times in 2015.

800--A laugher for 2014! First 7 in final ran faster than 2015's winner!

1500--Another laugher for 2014. In fact, the laughter is so hysterical, we need to call 9-1-1.

5000--2014, no contest. That great FAST battle between Lalang & Ches!! This year? Another stroll in the sun for the King!

10000--Again, it's 2014, but by a slightly lesser margin than in the 5K. Ches ran 28:30 last year, against 28:58 this year.

3000SC--I'm calling this one a tie! Winning time slightly faster in 2014, but better depth this year.

110H--Wow, this one's tough to pick! In 2015, you had that phenomenal 13.01 from McLeod. Even with a strong wind, still a GREAT time! But in 2014, you had LEGAL times of 13.16 & 13.18. I'll give a SLIGHT edge to 2014.

400H--2015. Stigler's winning time was about 4 tenths faster this year than Ukaoma's last year.

HJ--Slight edge to 2014. (Actually, might change this. Don't have 2015 results in front of me, so can't remember what they were exactly.)

LJ--2015, by a HUGE margin! Dendy jumped just 26-3 in 2014!

TJ--Another HUMONGOUS win for 2015!! (Or, I should say, a win this year for Dendy over Dendy! LOL)

PV--Both Kendricks & Barber went higher last year than Barber did in 2015, so give an easy win to 2014. Too bad, because the potential was there THIS year for a much higher jump from Barber!

SP--Crouser's 69-3 from 2014 edges out Jone's 68+ from 2015.

DT--Another tie. Marks too close to call.

JT--A slight edge to 2015, as Sam's winning throw was 7 feet longer this year.

HT--2015's a clear winner, with McCullough's big throw!

Dec--Uibo was 174 points better this year than in 2014, and he had a GREAT back-up in Tonnesen!

4X100R--A tie. Times too close to call.

4X400R--A clear win for 2014. Missing the CR by 0.01 was the decision maker!

Totals--10 to 8 for 2014, with 3 ties.

100--2015, no contest! Final's times much faster this year, albeit windy. In 2014, you had a windy 10.95 in the heats.

200--2015, by at least 200 meters!! LOL

400--2014, by a wide margin. Times were Slowwwww this year!! (I know, it was windy on the backstretch! But.....times too good in 2014!)

800--With a sub-2:00 time by a FRESHMAN, no contest for 2015. Not to mention Saunders's 2nd place time!

1500--2014 was a "tactical" race. This year, it was a slugfest! 2015 wins!

5000--A tie. Time was just 1 second faster this year. Too close to call.

10000--2014, by a HUGE margin! You had TEN women faster in 2014 than 2015's winner---MUCH faster!!

3000SC--2015, convincingly!! O'Connor ran a good time (9:36) in 2014, but 2015 had the 3rd fastest time ever, plus a solid back-up crew.

100H--In 2014, you had a deep field of fast times, BUT they were wind-aided. So 2015 wins because you had some fast times, and they were LEGAL!

400H--2015, by a HUGE margin. Two WORLD class times, against a 55.07 by then-Freshman Little last year

HJ--A VERY slight edge to 2015! Two women slightly higher than 2014's winner.

LJ--2015. You had THREE women over 22 feet, even though the winner's mark was windy. Last year, Prandini won with just 21-6, albeit a legal mark!

TJ--2015, again! Orji's first 46 footer (46-5.25) even better, considering she's a Frosh!

PV--You really have to ask? 2015, by about 15 feet 5 inches!! Two women SHATTERED the MR, and a third tied it!

SP--Again, a solid win for 2015! Saunders's last round 60 footer (as a FROSH!) a clear winner over 2014's winner of 58-2. Card's 58-11.25 also much better than 2014's 2nd.

DT--Vaughan was almost 5 feet longer in 2015 than she was in 2014.

JT--Give the edge to 2015. Winner was 2 feet better, plus 2nd was about 7 feet better than 2014's runner-up!

HT--No contest for 2015! That last round 234-6 was INCREDIBLE!!

Hept--Again, it's 2015, by several hundred points, plus lots of depth!!

4X100R--A tie. Times too close to call.

4X400R--2014 got the MR! 2015's winner about 4 seconds slower! Plus, 2014 had solid place times, much better than this year.

Totals--2015 wins by a HUGE margin of 16 to 3, with 2 ties!

Grand Totals (Both genders added together.)--2015 wins, by 24 to 13, with 5 ties.