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•2015 USATF w200: Jenna Prandini 22.20


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  • Originally posted by Dickson View Post
    She was raised in Clovis, you know anything about Clovis, well I do. Her last name is Prandini, she comes from a huge family, gigantic actually and they all look white I;ve been to Clovis seen them. There is no reason of any kind to think she isn't Italian American, none.
    Obviously you have absolutely no understanding of geography and anthropology. Otherwise, you would have gotten my earlier point in which I alluded to the southern Mediterranean.

    Originally posted by Dickson View Post
    If you can prove she has black roots, do it. If you can;t then why bother with it?
    I'm not saying she has no White ancestry, it is you who is saying she has no Black ancestry. The burden of proof is on you, not me.


    • Originally posted by ArchH41 View Post
      Isn't anyone going to write about the novelty of Prandini being a white girl?…..
      and now you know why nobody raised the question earlier; they were trying to avoid having the thread locked down after injecting racial politics into the whole thing. oops!