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Pan-Ams not fan-friendly?


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  • Pan-Ams not fan-friendly?

    this e-mail today from a longtime T&FN tour member:

    <<I just thought I should let you know that I think that whoever in T&FN decided not to run a trip to Toronto for the games deserves a bonus.

    We arrived last night for the first evening—it started at 6pm and we were there about 5:30pm. We decided to go and have something to eat first and then go and sit. We joined the line-up at the food tent to find out they had run out of hamburgers and hot-dogs. They did have veggie burgers and if one wanted to wait for more burgers to arrive, they could wait for 5-10 minutes. There would be NO hot-dogs. I had found out that there was alcohol available so I had a look-around and couldn’t see any so asked and was told it was at the end of the laneway. We went and stood in line to find out they only had beer but if we wanted wine, we could go all the way round to the other stand where they would have wine.

    We are going earlier this evening to case that out and also to see if they have toilets. Our side only had Johnny -on-the spots. It is a brand-new stadium built specially for the games and they haven’t built toilets to go with it.

    After buying our veggie burgers, we proceeded to our seats, commenting that we hadn’t seen any programmes for sale. We both asked different people and were told there was a big screen (only one) and we could see the names of the people there. I asked how they were going to cope with two or three things going on at one time and got a shrug. As you can guess it was almost impossible to get the lists down or to completely read it while it was listed before they moved to something else.

    This morning I have gone into the website and got the lists( who knows how up-to-date they are) of the various events going on-tonight. Last night we hadn’t bothered to bring the event list so didn’t know what was going on at what time or even what was going to be going on.

    When we were booking the seats, we figured out from the finish side, that one entered the stadium at the top and walked down to seats. That was true but on the other side where we got our tickets (as you know it is often better to be on the opposite side from the finish line), they do it the other way!! Looking over at the far side from where we are, there is some sort of wall on the inside of the track by the grass so that we can only see the tops of the athletes running there—no legs—and the wall underneath the stands is decorated with Toronto 2015 and other symbols, so that the athletes are hard to distinguish against all this painting. Glad there is the screen to look at.>>

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    Well I am going in the morning. That just lowered my enthusiasm a couple notches.


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      While nothing that the emailer said above is actually incorrect, to me none of it was a big deal. There was free wifi in the stadium and therefore checking results and the schedule was no big deal. I was on the very top row (which was only 16 i think) of the stands directly across from the finish line, so the boards at the feet of the athletes were no big deal and the signage on the inside of the stadium was also not that significant. All in all a nice (but quite breezy) morning. The wind readings don't do justice for how windy it really was as it was definitely at a significant angle to the straight away. Being from Texas we were actually a bit chilly at times.