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Culpepper, Meb and Browne


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  • Culpepper, Meb and Browne

    We know that since the Oly Trials in the marathon Meb and Browne have run 27:24 and 27:42 10k's respectively, but does anyone know what Alan Culpepper has been up to?

    Based on their trials performance and 10k runs this spring I would estimate Meb to be in 2:08-2:09 shape and Browne to be in 2:09-2:10 shape.

    Although the heat and hills in Athens will likley make times 3-5 minutes slower than good conditions.

    Not expecting miracles but Browne has a shot at a top 20 performance and Meb maybe the top 15.

    Culpepper is more the wildcard. He seems a little better suited to the marathon then Meb or Browne. I have hopes he can muster a top 10 performance at the Games, but have very little info on his conditioning since the Trials race.

    The other wild card is if Meb or Browne decide to try and run the 10k instead. One could see how Meb might like his chances about the same or better at the 10k.

    If anyone has an update on Culpeppers conditioning or Meb and Browne's plans please share it with the board.


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    Re: Culpepper, Meb and Browne

    Welcome back.
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      Re: Culpepper, Meb and Browne

      Here is a bit of an update:

      "Alan Culpepper and Meb Keflezighi, the top finishers in the men's Olympic trial, attended the sessions. But Dan Browne, who finished third, was committed to a race that weekend, so he was sent a two-inch-thick packet of information." ... 13RUN.html


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        Re: Culpepper, Meb and Browne

        The only race Culp has done since the marathon trials was boulder boulder 10k recently, I don't remember his exact result


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          Re: Culpepper, Meb and Browne

          Culpepper was ninth at Bolder Boulder in 30:14, bringing up the rear for the three-man US men's team (Meb was second in 29:30 and Abdi was eighth in 30:10). Paul Koech won in 29:19. Excerpts from Mike Sandrock's Running USA Wire story on his performance:

          Culpepper, who lives in nearby Lafayette and was an NCAA champion at the University of Colorado, ran a smart race. After a first mile of 4:44 for the main pack of runners, Culpepper dropped back going around one of the turns and ran an even-paced race the rest of the way. The 2004 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials champion said foot problems had limited his training and his ability to accelerate after slowing for the turns.

          "When Meb pointed, I gave the thumbs up because I knew I was going to catch Maiyo," Culpepper said. "But I still couldn't tell if we were going to finish first or second. I was not feeling that great today."

          Culpepper and Keflezighi both have been battling injuries that limited their training the past few weeks. Both said the team competition was the deciding factor in their entering the Bolder Boulder.

          . . .

          Added Culpepper, "I knew my condition was not the best, and I was thinking, 'how can I support my teammates?' Every spot mattered."

          Abdirahman echoed Culpepper, saying " I said to myself, 'OK, I'll hold on. When I saw Meb in the front and the three Kenyans in front of me, I knew I could not let them down. Alan and I ran well, and Meb ran great."

          The whole story is at ... tml#story1.


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            Re: Culpepper, Meb and Browne

            "Welcome back."



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              Re: Culpepper, Meb and Browne

              I am truly hoping that these three follow the example of Frank Shorter and attempt to qualify in both the 10,000m and the Marathon.

              Though there is a slim chance of a medal in the 10,000m we cannot completely ignore the event and we should send our best, even if they are on the Marathon team. Make Bob, Abdi, and Dathan earn their spots.

              I like the chances of Meb, Culpepper, and Kennedy making the 10K team. It would also give more respect to the marathoners truly being the strongest of all the distance track athletes.

              I guess we shall just wait and see, but I do hope to see at least one of them try the double.