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Bryan Bronson?


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    Re: Bryan Bronson?

    Go and slap your worthless parents for not teaching you how to speak or write intelligibly. Cosby was right, and it looks like bryanb agrees, slap the parents.


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      Re: Bryan Bronson?

      GH, maybe you guys can delete all but the first two lines of this thread for obvious reasons.


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        Re: Bryan Bronson?

        And to think I was defending this guy, assuming it is him posting.

        I take it all back, no need to respect a foul-mouthed idiot who plainly holds no respect for anyone else.


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          Re: Bryan Bronson?

          RICE alumni, have I got a graduation SPEAKER for YOU!


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            Re: Bryan Bronson?

            I do not believe the poster was the stated person in question, namely Mr. Bryan Bronson. Either the alleged poster committed libel or his name is also Bryan Bronson. In either case, I do not believe an athlete would make their way to this board to make an idiot or fool of themself.


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              Re: Bryan Bronson?

              >In either case, I do not believe an athlete would make their way to
              >this board to make an idiot or fool of themself.

              Have you heard of 'malmo'....?


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                Re: Bryan Bronson?

                >I can't think of one instance when a dope-cheat comes back and is
                >anything like their former doped-up self.

                There was a topic about this on the IAAF forum recently. A few names cropped up, including:

                Andrey Mikhnevich
                Violeta Beclea-Szekely
                Yekaterina Podkopayeva
                Carl Myerscough
                Ali Saidi-Sief
                Vita Pavlysh,
                Aleksandr Bagach
                Lyudmila Endquist
                Chioma Ajunwa
                Inessa Kravets
                Vladislav Piskunov
                Mihaela Milente
                Tibor Gecsek
                Svetlana Pospelova

                But half of these were still using when they returned and got life bans (Pavlysh, Bagach, Endquist, Ajunwa, etc....). So if druggies want to return to their best after their ban, the message is simple - keep using and go get a life ban!

                Good luck to you, Bryan.