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Best CLUTCH performance of WC


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    Bolt in the 100m is at the top for me. After a lackluster season many thought he wouldn't medal at all. Bartoletta on that last jump to secure Gold, and VCB getting Bronze and under 22. Novlene's anchor, I thought going up against McCorory would end in a different result, but she pulled it off.
    Van Niekerk, running and winning in one of the greatest 400 races ever.
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      It is not solely about how Novolene responded under pressure; the other runner just went in to rigor mortis, she would have stayed in front and without which Novolene would not be nominated for this honor.

      In addition, your response indicates that only anchors could possibly win this award, whereas there were lots of gals that have had relay legs that were (49.18 - 47.72) + 49.18 = 50.56 or faster. If Felix runs the best leg, but only 48.72 so that Novolene has a noticeable margin to begin with, does she still get the award -- somehow, having her get the award depending on a fabulous performance seconds earlier by someone who was much better than her does not fit all the criteria of the clutch performer of the meet.
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        Molitor and Bartoletta for sure. But for me, the clutch performance was Bolt in the semi. After almost falling flat on his face there was no way he should have been able to come back and qualify, let alone win the race.