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  • Note From A Concerned Subscriber

    <<I have been a huge fan of your magazine for many years and try not to miss
    an issue. I have also been a fan of your website as I believe that it is a
    necessary and absolutely welcomed source of top class information. Here is
    the problem, I have noticed in the past several weeks on your message
    boards, a level of mean-spiritedness creeping in with quite an alarming
    number of posts: accusations, deragtory and obnoxious comments, rumor
    mongering etc. this is alarming. Fortunately we have not decended to the
    level of other forums (such as and i am hoping we don't. Os
    there anyway to reign in this disturbing trend that we are seeing. I would
    hate to have to start staying away. On the other hand congrats on the
    excellent service you provide, and to all those who make things possible and
    keep us informed, keep on running.>>

    Response: the reader is right, and we have had to be more vigilant, even if it hasn't been apparent (along that line, we think we just removed one of the major recent sources of agida). Just need to remember that we're living in troubled times and off-track occurrences (can you say BALCO fallout) are providing lots of ammunition for the lunatic fringe. But a certain amount of distress we're all going to have to put up with.

    (I've posted this to both the Current & THG boards) (Historical people are a nicer kind of folk :-)

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    Re: Note From A Concerned Subscriber

    "agida" ?

    Or maybe I need a thicker dictionary....


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      Re: Note From A Concerned Subscriber

      If I don't make at least several posts a day that don't send people scurrying for their dictionary I've failed in my mission in life :-) (I'm sure malmo will have no trouble telling you the definition)

      edit to add: not because malmo defines agida :-) but because his knowledge of fringe words is encyclopedic (or encyclopaedic, if you'd rather)

      ps--how many of us "of an age" learned how to spell encyclopedia by singing it on the Mickey Mouse Club?


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        Re: Note From A Concerned Subscriber

        I have to ask just what it is your concerned subscriber wants to see in a message board. The whole purpose of the format is a freer-flowing exchange of ideas, fact or opinions that aren't as structured as a formal publication or even official website.

        By virtue of opening up participation to the great unwashed masses, you are going to get wildly differing viewpoints. To expect to see nothing more than "wow, wasn't that a great performance by (Gabe/Webb/athleteX)?", "yes, it was. Do you think he will (medal/set a world record/find a cure for cancer)?" is to limit most of the vibrancy in the medium. Personally, I'm a little more attracted to the more controversial threads (maybe this will be one too!) and most of those are identifiable from the subject line so those easily offended can avoid them.

        Your subscriber complains about "accusations, deragtory and obnoxious comments, rumor
        mongering", but often those are what drives a message board. Provided that forum guidelines are enforced with respect to remaining on topic and obscene/objectionable material, then let the exchange flow. Those who post unfounded rumours or accusations without any basis in reality will get called on it by others. Unsubstantiated blowhards will show themselves in an obvious manner for what they are. Present your case well enough and readers are generally smart enough to make a judgement for themselves.

        But for someone who would consider staying away because they may not personally agree with every opinion posted or the manner in which it is posted even if it meets the forum guidelines, then I would think that person is best served by the more static portions of the website, hard copy and life in general.


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          Re: Note From A Concerned Subscriber

          For only the second time in history I agree most of what Asterix had written. (is that a sign of the apocolypse???)

          Well argued debates with well thought out reasoning and opinions are message boards and democracy at its highest form. When used for mean spititness, it is generally self correcting, if sufficient readership is evident.

          Asterix has been very good at this on many threads with he and I going toe to toe on several occasions. Although we disagree often it has given me a healthy respect for him and a better understanding of his opinions (however wrong they are sometimes ... LOL... kidding of course)

          GH, I would suggest to your subscriber that next time he/she post their complaint and voice their opinion in this forum. Some will quickly jump to his/her aid and some against but his/her views will be heard by all.

          If all else fails take a few weeks off and come back refreshed and ready to debate again.


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            Re: Note From A Concerned Subscriber

            Feeling guilty, guys? :-)

            I think you're reading far too much into what the subscriber said. I don't see that he has any problem with impassioned debate or some hot under the collar. Indeed, that's part of the medium.

            My take is that he had issues with people being flat-out rude and with making statements of rumor that run counter to the spirit (if not the rules) of the board. I passed on his thoughts because we also need to hear the normally silent majority, not just the the few extroverts among us.


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              Re: Note From A Concerned Subscriber

              GH did you mean "agita" instead of "agida"

              Agita: means "acid indigestion".


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                Re: Note From A Concerned Subscriber

                <<<< Feeling guilty, guys? :-) >>>>

                Only about one comment I made a year ago about SFH intelligence. Typed before I thought and then unwisely tried to defend it. I was very rightfully taken to task on it, which served as great penance.


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                  Re: Note From A Concerned Subscriber

                  >GH did you mean "agita" instead of "agida"

                  Agita: means "acid

                  more than anyone would ever want to know on the subject (and I prefer the d version)

         ... p?Num=2069


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                    Re: Note From A Concerned Subscriber

                    Garry, what would we ever do w/o you.....


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                      Re: Note From A Concerned Subscriber

                      I assume that 'concerned subscriber' is specifically addressing the cb and da's of the world - those who purposefully try to agitate and bait. I too am tired of these types. I do enjoy debating, but those types aren't in that market.


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                        Re: Note From A Concerned Subscriber

                        People can be civil and still disagree. Even better, by being civil AND reasonably articulate, its possible to come to new kinds of agreement.


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                          Re: Note From A Concerned Subscriber

                          I appreciate a civil disagreement. I accept other points-of-view and differing opinions when a person makes a reasonable and logical case for their statements and/or beliefs.

                          What I have disliked with this board over the past six weeks is the "I told you so" which seems to creep into many posts, or the smug "you have no idea what you are talking about" ... we all communicate in different ways - and all in English.

                          I don:t need to comment on every post, nor do I post for the sake of getting a few remarks and not adding any benefit to the board. I only hope that when posters do comment - whether those posts may seem silly or may appear random - that folks just stay open-minded.


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                            Re: Note From A Concerned Subscriber

                            I've seen a great many bulletin boards and this generally is one that not even Miss Manners could find offensive. I haven't seen all the posts on here, obviously, but I'm having a little trouble thinking of any that might or should upset the apparently delicate sensibilities of the concerned reader.


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                              Re: Note From A Concerned Subscriber

                              I guess you missed The Paulie Show!