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Olympic shotput the geezers or the kids?


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  • Olympic shotput the geezers or the kids?

    There are a lot of good young throwers out there this year. Here is a list of the top 12 over 20.73 and their age at the time of the Olympics. Take your pick.

    Tomas WALSH NZL 21.62 70.93 1-Mar-92 24
    Michal HARATYK POL 21.35 70.05 10-Apr-92 24
    Ryan CROUSER USA 21.28 69.82 18-Dec-92 23
    Tomáš STANEK CZE 21.26 69.75 13-Jun-91 25
    Damien BIRKINHEAD AUS 21.21 69.59 8-Apr-93 23
    Tsanko ARNAUDOV POR 21.06 69.09 14-Mar-92 24
    Stephen MOZIA NGR 21.03 69.00 16-Aug-93 23
    Andrei GAG ROU 20.96 68.77 27-Apr-91 25
    Jonathan JONES USA 20.92 68.64 23-Apr-91 25
    Darlan ROMANI BRA 20.90 68.57 9-Apr-91 25
    Jacko GILL NZL 20.83 68.34 20-Dec-94 21
    Konrad BUKOWIECKI POL 20.78 68.18 17-Mar-97 19

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    David Storl is not much older at 27-Jul-90


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      Originally posted by booond View Post
      David Storl is not much older at 27-Jul-90
      I had to draw the line somewhere, so I set 25 years old at the Olympics to be the limit of being young. After that, 26+ is the start of geezerdom.


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        Well, this year I noticed a lot of new names, many of them even unknown to me (Haratyk for example, I had never heard of him before this year). But many of the big ones haven't competed yet (Kovacs, Storl, Whiting, Clarke, Cantwell, Richards of Jamaica...) so it's quite early to say if one of this list can climb the rankings in Rio. I'd say Rio will be a battle between Storl and Kovacs, though.


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          Walsh, and possibly even Haratyk (although he's untested in major events) may have a shot (pun not intended), but I still take the geezers, or rather the middle generation, with Storl and Kovacs. Of the real old men, Cantwell and Hoffa are still possible contenders.
          Było smaszno, a jaszmije smukwijne...


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            There are some college putters that are getting up there recently, it seems (aside from Crouser)
            Croation Filip Mihaljević (born 31 July 1994) a Soph at Virginia and
            Nicholas Scarvelis Senior 20.36 at UCLA



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              I am still a bit confused seeing as top US shot putters are sitting the indoor season while they have WIC in Portland. Quite confusing! None of them went to Europe to compete in the world indoor tour where where they could have gained a third spot. I'd think at this point it will be Hoffa and Roberts, because Crouser is still a collegiate in senior year.