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Stadium seats on prohibited list for Convention Center, despite backless bench seatin


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  • Stadium seats on prohibited list for Convention Center, despite backless bench seatin

    Despite the fact that the bleacher seats selling for $295 and $225 (on the turns) are benches without backs, "stadium seats or chairs" are on the prohibited-items list in the "Know before you go" section of the Portland2016 web site.

    We've used our stadium seats to render (almost) tolerable the backstretch seating at Hayward Field without any issue, so we assumed we would be able to use them here.

    Track Town strikes again!
    Alan Shank
    Woodland, CA, USA

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    Yesterday I walked in holding two stadium seats and two seat cushions - they did not say a word about any of those. They did take my water and then squeezed my backpack into a box.


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      On day one they told me that I couldn't bring my metal stadium seats into the venue. They were nice enough about offering to check them, but really. Meanwhile, my track-rookie friend suffered through a miserable four days with back problems that might have been greatly alleviated had she been able to sit in a comfortable chair. Wish we would have known about this rule prior to buying tickets many months ago, though I doubt that I would have wanted to sit in the lower rows. I'd sure like to know the rationale for banning the same seats that are allowed into Hayward. Whoever made up that rule obviously didn't have to suffer the bleacher seating. C'mon folks, look at the age of your audience next time. Most of us don't have twenty year old backs and butts anymore. My friend was a real trooper this time, but took away the memory of being terrifically uncomfortable for four days. Not a great way to win new fans.
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        I usually bring one of those cheapo foam cushions and that does the trick. You just have to lean forward even so often to take the pressure off the spine.


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          Bump, to confirm before possibly buying some for this July, that they allow stadium seats with backs on the them into Hayward for the OT?


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            Like Alan Shank (first post of the thread), I've been bringing a stadium seat with a back into Hayward for years. It's never been a problem.


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              I took one in yesterday for the Pepsi and no problem. However, the Olympic Trials are a different animal. I can only vouch that in the past they have been allowed for any meets at Hayward, including the Trials.


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                I could be making this up, but I have a vague recolleciton that even if not banned, people who bring seats into the crampy East stands aren't very popular.