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Will Allyson get gold in 200/400 in Rio?


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  • Will Allyson get gold in 200/400 in Rio?

    This is a thread complete based on prediction but what do you think about the double .
    Do you think she will be able to pull off that double with complete succes ?

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      I want to see where she is at the trials...


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        She needs to....

        1. Qualify

        2. Show up at the start line

        I believe she came into 2016 feeling that the 400m should be her strong suit for gold, with the higher level of competition in the 200m meaning that with a hold behind her, she can enjoy and just go for it.

        However I now think she may feel that Shaunae Miller will actually be more difficult to deal with than Schippers+Thompson combined.

        I think she will assess both events over the season, and if her 100m is going well, she may well focus on the 200m, as she definitely doesn't want to repeat 2011 where she was out run in the 400m, and the had no legs left for the 200m which she would have won had she been fresh.


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          After all the political capital that was expended to get the timetable altered to facilitate the double, you bet your bippy she'll be trying for it.


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            If Miller drops a sub 49 by the end of June, but allyson doesn't break 49.5 at the trials, she may well get her story ready to dodge the full lap!


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              why such a dismal view of Felix's character?


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                Originally posted by Liuxuan_rol View Post
                If Miller drops a sub 49 by the end of June, but allyson doesn't break 49.5 at the trials, she may well get her story ready to dodge the full lap!
                Allyson proved in 2011 that she was no coward, so I don't know where you're coming from with this.


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                  Felix likes to challenge herself, 2/4 4x1, 4x4 seems challenging to me.

                  But she better be committed to running the prelim in the short relay!!!


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                    Felix is one of the best in the world, but I'm not convinced that medalling in Rio will be tougher than making top 3 at trials. Specifically in the 400.

                    Hayes has already run sub 50 this year. Add in, Hastings, Okolo, SRR, McCororry, Francis, Baisden, Spencer and others who we don't know/remember may pop up and make the team.
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                      I think there's a 10% chance she wins gold in both, but I'm fully expecting her to win the 400m, though not by as big a margin as she did last year in Beijing, since Miller will be faster than 49.67 this year, and likely just focusing on one event (let's not forget that Felix has a 200m the morning of the 400m final, which isn't at all ideal). Jackson will be more dangerous this year too, and whichever two other Americans make the team will be up there as well. Not to mention Ohuruogu, and a potential upstart that we've yet to hear about. It is the magical Olympic year after all.

                      The 200m is the question mark. With three rounds of the 400m in her legs, I can't see her getting past Schippers or Thompson, and there are a host of other women (Bowie, Fraser-Pryce, Asher-Smith, McGrone, VCB, etc.) that can run sub-22 this year so even bronze in the 200m is a bit ambitious. She could very well not place in her pet event.

                      If she does manage to win both, I think a very convincing case can be made for her GOAT status, but it will be the shock of the Games if she pulls it off (albeit a very pleasant shock).


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                        I think the trials will be still easier for her than Olympic itself ..The schedule is mindblocking .

                        I will say it will be like this . SHE WILL HAVE TO Pb in all three events (100,200,400) before Rio to do the double with succes .

                        It will be out of this world if it happens but i see the possibility very small

                        WE will have to see a gap between her time compared with the other ladies in order to say we add 0.30 Seconds on her capability for the tiredness in her legs .

                        Lets say if she is capable of running 21.5 with tired legs she will run 21.8 something like that which is very difficult ..She has to bring some flojo in her in order to complete it
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                          There already was a thread about Felix and the 200/400 double in Rio.



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                            I do not think she will PB in the 100, and part of the reason is that she will not run it at a 'peak' event, just to get mechanics a bit better (and her 100 PR is quite good for a 400 runner). I think that she has better 100 speed than anyone else currently in the 400 and better 400 endurance than those likely to be in the 200 final (and I do not think that Miller will be in that final).
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                              I'm surprised nobody mentioned Semenya yet. She could go for the 400/800 double and if reports from the SA NCs are correct, she ran a negative split over 400 there and looked like she wasn't running very hard at all. She is so unpredictable, it wouldn't surprise me at all if she ran a low 49 soon.