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Ed Whitlock, 85yo, 7:18.55 mile


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  • Ed Whitlock, 85yo, 7:18.55 mile

    I know that we are now in the high season of elite and championship athletics, but I thought this performance to be worthy of note -- after all, some of our excitement over certain performances at the NCAA meet are age group-related, in a manner of speaking. So, 85 year old Ed Whitlock ran a mile in 7:18.55, surpassing by ~46 seconds the previous record in this age group.

    I find Mr. Whitlock's athletic exploits to be remarkable in and of themselves, but I also posted this link because he ran this time on a crushed red clay track, something that I thought had disappeared long ago.

    The pictures included in the linked Canadian Running article are worth viewing.

    Congratulations to Mr. Whitlock for another contribution to the world of athletics, and thanks to whomever maintains that crushed red clay track in Cambridge Ontario!

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    As an old coot myself, I am totally impressed by this run. But as we all know, sometimes these kids peak at an early age!


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      Impressive! I am almost half his age and can barely run that on an asphalt track now. The man is a running Master Legend.