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A Regional With Problems


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  • A Regional With Problems

    A track-fan friend of mine who sometimes dabbles in track journalism sent me his impressions of the Regional he attended. He wishes to remain anonymous on this report, so I've disguised the location of the meet (although if you were there I'm sure it'll sound familiar to you):

    <<Poorly managed meet, because the infrastructure was stretched too thin… no help for the announcer (results were getting to him about 45 minutes after the event was over -- he should have had a monitor, printer or fax)… No announcing of field events… No electricity available for media working at track (only electricity available was at indoor work room in field house)… No mention of the meet in [local major paper]… Also heard a complaint from an official that there was no meal on Saturday (possible that the lunch was open only for a brief time when some officials couldn't leave their posts).

    I suspect the big culprit is the NCAA for providing next to no support for the meet. [The host school] last put on [a conference meet] 8 10 years ago, but when they still had a staff accustomed to putting on large meets. This meet was larger, should have been regarded as more important, but the staff couldn't handle all that should have been done. I presume they couldn't afford to pay to bring in the adequate staffing.

    NCAA doesn't deserve to have their name on the meet if this is the best they're willing to do.>>

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    Re: A Regional With Problems

    sooooo... Fairfax was nice this time of year, was it?