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  • T&FN Digital Problems

    Just got my March T&FN in my Inbox.
    But still haven't figured an easy way to---
    move pages forward
    magnify pages!

    The old way---PDF?---you clicked on a spot & the page flipped---even with sound effects of a page turning!
    You clicked on the magnifier symbol & the page became magnified!

    Now, there's a dark gray bar on the far right & left---to move pages forward or back.
    BUT, when I move my arrow to click on the spot, it disappears on me!
    I have to try it 2 or 3 times before it sticks!

    As for magnification, I clicked on "All", but nothing happened!

    Is there an easier way?
    Any chance you can send it to me with the old set-up?

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    You can download the issue as a PDF from the BlueToad version.


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      But still prefer the old way!
      This PDF isn't the same as the 2016 (& earlier) version!
      It works, though, and that's what counts!


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        Originally posted by aaronk View Post
        Is there an easier way?
        Any chance you can send it to me with the old set-up?
        I hate to display what might be considered poor client relations, but this board does not exist as a place to try to solve reader-service issues. That's why we have a business department. Thanks for understanding.


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          Sounds like a user issue. I just noticed that the click wheel on my mouse moves pages back and forth. I'll be using that in the future, as it is more reliable than the arrow bars on the side. Double clicking on the page zooms in, then you can move around to see things closer.