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  • The T&FN Dating Game

    Good thread title, yes?
    But I'm not talking about "hooking up".
    This is about the way T&FN seems to have changed the way they date their issues!

    I don't have the exact dates here, but the past several years, an issue came out sseveral weeks before its cover date.
    For example, the August issue might come out in either late June or early July.
    The October issue might be released in late August, or by September 10th at the latest!

    But I've noticed a significant change the past couple months.
    The August issue wasn't released until late July.
    The September issue (the new one) was just sent online today, September 13th.

    According to the preview of next month, the October issue won't be released until mid-October----meaning we won't get the print edition until late October!!

    I remember the 60's (and 70's??) issues were sent out pretty near identical with the month it was!
    For example, we got the July issue in July, the April issue in April, and so on!

    It doesn't change anything about the content, but I just noticed the change, so thought I'd mention it!

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    TAFN does not have a big newsstand circulation. However, traditionally in the magazine industry, a monthly edition is issued a month ahead of its date - so that the magazine does not seem outdated on the newsstand. Thus, the October magazines generally came out about September 1st and are at newsstands now.

    Of course, TAFN has the added complication of timing certain issues to include coverage of major events.


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      It takes a while for my T&FN to get to me, but it's always worth the wait. I'll try to post on this thread when it arrives.


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        I believe GH mentioned awhile back the date was being adjusted.