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Fast Copenhagen Half?


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  • Fast Copenhagen Half?

    I put a question mark in the title for a reason.
    Saw a tweet from Sara Hall thanking the Copenhagen Half people for good accomodations & a fast time (paraphrased).
    So I googled the race, but the page said the race was "discontinued" due to weather!
    Yet it had the results---the Top 10 placers!

    So did the race end prematurely for the back-packers, with just the faster runners being allowed to finish?

    Also, does anyone know the course---if it's record-legal---as in not downhill or whatever?
    Here's the top results---

    Abe Cheroben (58:40)
    Jorum Okumbo (58:48)
    Alex Korio (58:51)
    Albert Kangogo (59:25)
    Len Barsoton (59:28)

    Eunice Chumba (66:11)
    Joan Melly (66:25)
    Brigid Kosgei (66:35)
    Sara Hall (10th in 69:37)

    If the course was legal & complete distance run, then Cheroben's time is 3rd A-T!!
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  • #2 finished the race.
    The race was suspended at app. 2 hours due to weather, but the runners kept on, wanting to finish.
    The course is legit, but very fast. It's a modified verdion of the 2014 World's course.


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      I have worked the event for several years-
      The race starts at 11:15 and I measured the course in the morning and found it to be accurate.
      The course is flat with not too many turns. The start and finish is in a completely different location then for the World Half.
      A thunder storm (with hail) came out of no where around 1:30+ into the race after all of the elites were in. The only part of the race that was stopped was the post finish activities. The authorities wanted to get everyone out of the area.
      Great job by everyone involved to assist the runners.


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        Following up on aaronk's post -- Cherobon now #3 performer, #4 performance (assuming the lists on I am looking at right now are correct). An impressive performance, as he is now behind two of the greats of this distance -- Tadese (2 performances) and Wanjiru.

        Probably some marks for place among the other 58:xx, but I have not checked.

        A deep and fast race for the women, too, though nothing makes a-t list status, that I can see. Down the list on the women's side, a good mark for Sara Hall. Before today, she had run 5 times at 1:10:xx, with a best of 1:10:07, so this is a good PB. She is now 9th USA performer a-t (record eligible courses) or 10th performer (if one includes Olga Appel's 1994 performance from Tokyo, which must have had a net drop). In any case, a fine performance from Ms. Hall.


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          Since I just posted it on my blog, I can now confirm Master Po's comments--
          My A-T Performers lists go 24 deep, so Cheroben is indeed 3rd A-T.
          Okumbo is equal 8th, while Korio is 10th!

          For the Women, Chumba's 66:11 ranks her 14th A-T World.
          Melly's 66:25 makes her equal 17th, with Kosgei's 66:35 also making my list--in 23rd!

          Hall improved from 12th to 8th on the US list!


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            Obviously at a completely non-elite level but my PB dates from the Copenhagen half so can vouch for it being a fast course!