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Can Allyson Felix win another individual gold?


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  • Originally posted by The Flying Pigdog View Post
    I wish more 100m runners who doubled at 200 ran the 400 more regularly. Looking at the women, it's no coincidence that the ladies that can run a good 400 or at least have put in that effort come on like gangbusters at the end - SMU, Shericka right the past - Perec, Torrence, Felix, even Sanya. I always wondered if someone like Ottey put in the work over 400, how low she could have gone for the 200.
    It's a shame that, despite being world-class for 20 years, Ottey never really gave the 400m a real chance. With her stride length, speed, and efficient sprinting technique, I think she had a 49 in those legs.


    • I am not low-balling her talents, although I am not sure I accord them as high as others do. I think that she will win at Pre because she is a bit above and she has raced more at a high level.

      And, no, Miller-Uibo did not throw herself at the line. She said that she did not, so if you want to argue with her take it up but it would have to be somewhere else, as I doubt she posts here. I wonder if she would be better farther out, with someone known but not a top competitor outside her for a check but then she can run her own race and not worry about staying with or ahead of AF, et al. (I am guessing that doing so is what cost her in those races). Thus, another advantage that she and several others have on Felix is that they have more learning to do which should help them.


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        • When two people see one thing (one salty, the other stubborn) and everyone else sees something else (including a super fan on the 'opposite' side)



          • Enough!


            • I’ve never seen two athletes on this website cause so much repeated polarising arguments on their position in the game than Felix and Schippers


              • Originally posted by AFelixFan View Post
                I am as big a Felix fan as they come, but you're definitely low-balling Miller-Uibo's talents here.

                In Rio, given her lane draw, Miller-Uibo thought it best to put her 200m speed to use and employ the same tactics that Felix used to beat her the year before in Beijing. It was a smart tactic to run away from Felix and pressure her in the final stages of the races, especially considering the race model of Felix's Olympic Trials win that year, but Miller-Uibo didn't let up at any point in the race, was almost depleted at the 350m stage, forced herself to stick to form, panicked when she sensed Felix chasing her down, saw the line, and willed herself over it with the little she had left in the tank.

                In London, she employed similar tactics, as yet again she's running blind (drawn in a lane ahead of her main opposition), gets herself a comfortable lead at 300m, looks up at the screen to see if Felix is within striking position, and probably had it in mind to coast the last 40m in an effort to conserve energy for the 200m until she lost her balance on a wet track, and was unable to recover perhaps due to a combination of shock and exhaustion.

                I don't think her failing to 'properly' execute the last two major 400m finals is indicative of someone who's reached her ceiling as a quarter-miler. I've watched this young lady compete since she was in middle school, and she's always been a tremendous talent. There's more than one way for her to win the 400m, and if she can take a more conservative approach to 200m, she's fast enough and strong enough to run down everyone else in the back end of the race. I could be wrong, but I don't think 11.19/21.88/49.44, an Olympic gold at 400m, and a WC bronze at 200m is the end of Miller-Uibo. I think it's just the beginning.

                What can a 32-year-old Felix do in the 400m in the face of a younger version of herself with far more commitment to the quarter-mile than Felix ever had? I have no idea, but I'm excited to see.
                Quality analysis here...the only thing I would add is that many forget Millers first foray that netted her a silver medal in the 400m in Beijing. In this race her tactics were the exact opposite of what she is today.....too conservative! Now she is too aggressive!

                Based on some of the comments I have read it seems some are confusing talent with race tactics or execution. Those two are not one in the same. Richards Ross struggled for years to figure out how to run the proper race model in a championship setting. How many times have we seen her go out too fast only to be caught in the homestretch? Tonique Williams Darling, Ohurugo and others would use this knowledge to defeat her. It had nothing to do with her talent as SRR was as talented as they come. She would absolutely destroy every one else in one off races but the championship racing was a horse of a different color.

                Shaunae Miller is showing some of the same difficulty. Sprinters naturally go to what's normal for them and that's speed. Having the patience to spread it around evenly over the distance is not an easy thing for them to do. We even see Felix suffering from this a little in her career most notably last years Worlds. Its hard to teach the speed demon new tricks.

                Shaunae is still learning how to run this event. Stevie Wonder can see it. This is why the 200 comes so much more naturally to her. She doesn't have to hold anything back.. just go from the gun. Its taking her longer than expected in the 400. The first year she tried in Beijing the first 200 was too slow. She came into the homestretch 3rd or 4th and caught everyone but Felix. The following two years she went out too fast and paid for it. However, she still has a gold and silver to show for it even though both races were far from ideal. If only everyone could be so lucky in having such a huge margin for error and still be able to win a medal. That's paid for in cash by her talent!

                The first 200 is only setting up the race. Much like you're setting up your blocks... precision over speed. The second 200 is where the gun fires! If she can master this the sky is the limit!
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                • I dont care ..Allyson proved to be one of the strongest athletes in the world .Shaunae is great as well but seems like the more I watch the race the more it seems like it was a dive to me... but Like I said ..Good for her ,nothing against her ...She is a great sprinter as well ..She has been beaten elaine ,Majo and schippers for a few occasions now over the 200m.I guess the only one she hasnt beaten yet over 200m might be Bowie . I have nothing agains these ladies ..But there are some here praising her like she the goat ...while she left last year medal less in the 400 m behind felix !


                  • some people just don't get it