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Tickets for NCAA outdoor meet


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  • Tickets for NCAA outdoor meet

    I apparently am not very good at searching this forum. I am wanting to get tickets for the NCAA meet in Eugene; can anyone tell me how do do this.

    Also, I thought someone was trying to sell tickets, but I could not find that either. Contact me here or send a PM

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      Thanks; now I have to select a ticket set. I will not be able to get to

      Here are seating options, and I will miss some or all of Saturday with a wedding.

      B 23 -- 2 $435.00 *Access to the Official NCAA Experience Included

      D 5 -- 4 $457.50 *Access to the Official NCAA Experience Included

      A 17 --2 $480.00*Access to the Official NCAA Experience Included

      A 14 -- 4 $480.00 *Access to the Official NCAA Experience Included

      B 3 -- 4 $502.50 *Access to the Official NCAA Experience Included

      The seating is one question, but another is if any on the board are near these seats.

      I will probably buy tonight


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        Now I have a problem; I cannot buy a single ticket, just 2 or 4; is there a way to finesse this? Does someone have an extra? Would someone want to go together to fill a 2-seat allocation?


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          By going to the U of O website or ticketmaster, you can buy All-Sessions tickets for $131.50 in sections C,D,E,P & O.

          To purchase General Admission tickets, please call 1-800-WEBFOOT


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            Thanks - is it worth it getting the "Official Fan Experience"? It seems pretty pricey.

            Any advice on which sections to sit in?


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              For me, the official fan experience is not worth it, especially if you are paying $300+ extra for the "experience". If you want to sit in the east grandstand for the last time, get tickets in sections O or P. If not grab a seat in section C on the western side.


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                Thanks, it is really helpful to have the expertise of those here. I have been to one prior NCAA meet there in 1988 when I was teaching at Oregon State. There were two notable things about that day. First, I ended up sitting in front of Jim Bush and Vern Wolfe, which was a treat hearing their comments/commentary.

                Second, Oregon State had just decided to cut track and cross country and so this was the last meet for a long time. Carl Van Calcar from Oregon State was one of the favorites for the Steeplechase and the Oregon crowd treated him almost as one of their own (he won). In a bit of irony, the next time an (male?) Oregon State athlete made the meet was at the Regional in Austin where two football players were allowed to compete even without having a men's team. Then the two along with a third athlete tied for 11th and they had to have a jump-off. The other guy cleared first, so the two Oregon State guys jumped for the honor of returning Oregon State to the NCAA meet. That was about seven years ago and again I was in the location because of the wedding of a nephew.

                I now have my airfare and hotel; hopefully tomorrow morning I will get my tickets.


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                  Well I got tickets in Section F, Row 20; it was hard to get a single ticket and C was not available.


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                    Where are the best seats to view the javelin competition at Hayward? Any input appreciated.


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                      Originally posted by ThrowsMom View Post
                      Where are the best seats to view the javelin competition at Hayward? Any input appreciated.
                      Depends on what you want to see.

                      Here's a link to the seating chart with the field layout:

                      The javelin runway begins inside the center of the first turn, i.e., the turn on the left side of the chart.

                      If you want to watch the throwers, then choose the lower half of Section P or O in the East Grandstand, or Section C or D in the West Grandstand.

                      If, on the other hand, you want to watch the throws, in order to independently ascertain the distance, then choose the middle of Section M or L in the East Grandstand, or Section F in the West Grandstand.

                      If the event is held in the late afternoon, choose the West Grandstand, to avoid looking up into the sun while watching the javelin soar.