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Good Grief... It's the Dreaded Five-Alive Time Again...


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    Men's field was way too big. Very unexpected issue with the qualifying standard, we will raise it next year.


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      Time for my annual gripe spew @ 5-alive. I know how it works. I've done it annually at high school qualifying meet for several years. But it still a major headache..
      Here is the text of an online primer to "clarify' the process. It refers to a score sheet where jumpers are identified alphabetically:
      "Explanation: “A” failed on first attempt, so becomes jumper “1” & numbers are given to the next four jumpers. “B” misses on first attempt. “C” made first attempt, so “3” is moved to “F” & marked-out on “C”. “D” & “E” miss first attempts. “A” & “B” miss second attempts. “F” misses first attempt. “D” misses second attempt. “E” makes second attempt, so “5” is moved to “G” & marked- out on “E”. “A” misses third attempt, so “1” is moved to “H” & marked-out on “A”. “B” makes third attempt, so “2” is moved to “I” & marked-out on “B”. “F” misses on second attempt. “D” makes on third attempt, so “4” is moved to “J” & marked-out on “D”. At this point, only eight competitors are left at this height so all would now be included in the rotation. Number the rest of the competitors “#.1”, “#.2”, & “#.3”. Go through the 5-alive order one more time, & then straight through the competitors remaining at the height."
      The process is further complicated because lots of the jumpers are multiple event people who need to check out and be figured back into the line up on return.
      I've never been certain that the 5-alive process really benefits anyone. At tomorrow's meet there will be nearly 40 high jumpers in both girls and boys events.
      But about a dozen in each field have reported PRs significantly lower than the starting it is reasonable to expect that at least 2/3rds of the jumpers will be waiting a very long time to even enter the competition. Oh well, c'est la vie say the old folks.


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        Originally posted by jc203 View Post
        Time for my annual gripe spew @ 5-alive.
        I had to do it at the NCAA Regional meet a few years ago in the PV. I did it, but almost had a nervous breakdown in mid-comp. It required lots of sticky notes (actually little arrows) and was definitely not a viable protocol. The athletes would rather just go through 8 names at a time, dropping people who made it. Give them a little break if there's only 1 or 2 left (Just don't put up the bar yet).